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I seen blood


So I really need help my period started 05/12/16

On 06/09/16 I seen blood when I went to the bathroom but only wen I wipe myself .. So I was thinking my period started but for the pass two days it never started the blood is gone completely

I have been stressing so that can be the case of my period not coming n also I did have sex on the 05/26/2016 idk what to do at this point n I have the most biggest headache ever

Please help 😩

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Take a test. Clear blue early plus are good and can pick up small traces of hcg. The small amount of blood when you wiped could be implantation it's normal if you are pregnant to spot a little around your period.


Ok I'm going to wait one more day then take a test thank u

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You'll have to post and let me know result!! Lol hope you get result you want !


Hi there

I'm sorry that you stressing out. If you take a take a pregnancy test now it should provide an accurate result.

Best wishes



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