So I'm here just to vent really.

I am currently 26 weeks and I have been deferred for a year to start my new Job and course due to baby being due this December, the company have said I will be able to do some "zero hour contract" work (basically I can do odd shifts I fancy doing (which would be everything going at the moment)) but my DBS has so far taken 3 months and still waiting for the process to be complete. Therefore I have no money coming in my side and my partner earns over the threshold (albeit not much so we can just about cover food and bills) so I am unable to claim any benefits or financial help.

So due to my DBS taking forever I can't start work for the company, part-time or full time permanent jobs in other sectors might be out of the question as I will only be working until December so I doubt anyone would take me.

So I'm stuck at home trying to find small tasks to keep me busy and it's driving me insane. I've looked at volunteering positions and have emailed a few people about getting involved with the local maternity services. (NCT)

Does anyone know of places that would hire people for a short amount of time or any other voluteer services I could join?


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