I'm Pregnant!!

OK to start with I'm 24 and have been with the same guy for 7 years now (love him to bits!!). We're not married as we want to celebrate in style and we currently do not have the money we want to spend on a wedding.

I'm a full time university student finishing July this year (YAY!) and I'M PREGNANT. We weren't actively trying but I had the implant removed in September due to masses of weight gain and being on it for six years was taking its toll, but we said if it happens it happens we are stable and happy.

So I was naughty and took the tests early (2 days before period was due) but both (different batches) of pregnancy tests came back positive.

I thought I would be over the moon of excitement (which I am, sort of, now) when I found out but I cried with my first reaction being what is everyone (society) going to say. ALL of my friends and my sister are all sooo excited and all said "i knew it/ about time too" but there's part of me that is absolutely terrified!!

My partner knows this as we always talk and he said its normal and just the shock factor but I am literally terrified of the thought of being a mum.

Am I going to be good enough?

Can I really look after another human being?

What the hell is my mum going to say - as I told her jokingly we were kind of trying and she said "I don't think so not until you get a job"?

I know his parents will be ecstatic and sooo happy (especially his mum) but my mum not so much I don't think as she's had to do all the work of bringing us up herself.

What about money? He earns enough for us to get by without me working but as I have been unemployed for 3 years I'm not entitled to any benefits ... we will survive??

Talking to my sister and friends started to put me at ease and get us all excited although now we are both worried it's a false positive (have a doctors appointment this evening to confirm) or we lose the baby early on!!

Sorry for SUCH a long post but I feel like I'm all over the place and have no idea what to feel!

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  • Hi firefly! That is news! The most important thing is that you have the love and support from your partner and family. Your mum will be there for you however she feels. I don't have children but I'm sure you'll be a great mum as you are concerned about being a mum.... if that makes sense. x

  • Hey, thank you. It makes sense its just really scary at the same time. Not going to let pregnancy be an excuse of poor eating, if anything its more persuasion to eat healthy :) How are you getting on? x

  • I'm finding it hard today as I've hurt my leg. No exercise for me for a few days so will have to cut right back on treats. Sob! x

  • OH NOO!! I hope you get better soon just take it easy, but if you are anything like me, you might need me to say "defo try stay off the treats" as I usually use any excuse to start scoffing again haha :) keep going you can do this!

  • Hi congratulations! I think how you feel is completely normal I feel like you are and I'm on number 4 lol xx those pesky pregnancy hormones have a lot to answer too lol. Your partner sounds lovely! How are you feeling otherwise? Xx

  • Hey Thank you for your reply :), Congratulations to you too! is that baby number 4 or 4 months (I'm guessing baby by your user name :))?

    Thank you, yes he is very supportive.

    I go through emotions at the moment one minute sooo excited then next terrified haha, have my doctors appointment in 20 minutes, terrified at the moment as I am really worring about finances and I know everyone says you will never be able to afford a baby, but I haven't work for 3 years due to being a student so I won't be entitled to any benefits which mean I have to hope I will find a job very soon.

    But then when do I tell the employer if I do get employed?

    and if i don't get employed how do we survive?

    Urgh I'm sorry I'm just soooo worried!!

  • Yes baby number 4, got a little girl and 2 boys so far, this is definitely the last lol ☺ x aww good luck with your app, you will be referred to the midwife and have your booking appt at around 10 weeks I have mine tomorrow :) x money is always an issue I think, there probably is never a right time financially when babies are concerned, don't forget you will get child benefit and child tax and depending on what your partner earns possibly working tax credit, if you get a few min have a look at the benefit calculator on entitledto.co.UK. you will have to tweak it slightly and put your baby down as born but it will give you a rough estimate on what you will be entitled too once little one has arrived, hope that will put your mind at ease a little. I'm so emotional too, all part and parcel I'm afraid but it does get better i promise 😁 have you started taking prenatal vits? Xx

  • I'm back :D all went well I have my first midwife appt in 2 weeks. Aw yeh I aaid four is the maxium for me too haha.

    No I have no idea what I'm suppose to be doing the doctor has given me folic acid. Is there anything else I need to get?... like I said I'm doing all this all blind I have no idea about anything!

  • Aww bet you can't wait, so what's your due date? I'm taking seven seas pregnancy vitamins this time as i have been quite anemic In the past when pregnant and these have iron plus lots more In them, hoping I dont need iron tablets this time round lol. Lol four is def going to be enough for us, I'm only 10 weeks and really struggled so far with sickness etc and having 3 lil one's to run around after its taking its toll atm but it will.pass I'm sure xx

  • I'm soo excited, have just told the parents everyone is very happy :D. He said roughly around the 16-17th of December... I'm just hoping its not Christmas day haha.

    Aw bless you I'm sure the sickness will subside my friend used to wear pressure bands on her wrists for sickness and she said that worked a treat. I don't know maybe you could try it if it's really bad?

    I've been very lucky so far the only symptom I've been getting is severe cramps but apparently that's the uterus making room for baby.

  • Aww a Xmas baby would be lovely, holly or ivy for a girl lol ☺ so glad everyone is happy for you both :) x yes cramps are normal at the beginning :) I think me and early pregnancy just don't mix lol I'm always sick xx

  • You are lucky to get support from ur partner, family and friends. Go a head Dont worry abt financial sector when god gives u baby , god will give you money as well. Take care my prayers are with u.

  • Hey thank you for your reply.

    I think I just had a little panic moment but ok now.

    Thank you I will need those prayers :D

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