Period is Late, Virgin?? Pregnant?????? URGENT???

I'm a virgin. Never had sex with another person. Never been exposed to naked people or in a sexual situation with another person - never. But now my period is late and the most I've done was masturbating (last time I did was like 2 weeks ago?). I'm worried that I possibly touched something "dirty" or "used" which could've collected on my hands. Although I do rub antiseptic or antibacterial alcohol before I do so. Now my period is late and I don't know what to do. I'm worried. I've had history of irregular periods (some lasting more than a couple months) and the usual length of my periods are a couple weeks until my last period in january which was like 5 days. could it possibly be my irregular periods again (even though ive been having them since I was 10 and this has never happened before) or am I possibly pregnant????? Should I go to the GP and request for some gynaecologist appointment? A pregnancy test????

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  • Hi, I would put it down to irregular periods to be honest. Not really possible for you to be pregnant if you have never had a sexual encounter? Speak to your GP if you are worried.

  • So are you saying that conception can only really occur if there was sexual intercourse involved or semen on the vagina? So do you think I'm just being paranoid about the whole touching something dirty then touching myself kind of idea?

  • It's really, really unlikely that you got pregnant from unknowingly touching something with semen on it - like 99.99999999999999999% chance you are not pregnant. But I used to freak out like this all the time when I was younger, so if you're worried, go to your GP and ask for a test just to put your mind at ease. It'll come back negative, you'll laugh and everything will be fine :)

    All kinds of things can mess around with your period cycle - a new medication, change in diet or exercise, a really good orgasm... and sometimes our uterus... uteruses? uterii? WOMBS! They just mess with us.

    But when you've got a worry it can be hard to let go, so the best thing to do is just to get a free pregnancy test from the GP and put those anxious voices to rest.

  • You are not pregnant, you have to have sex for that. Masterbation is a great alternative and i am glad you picked that over sex. Now with the problems you are having with your period you need to make a appointment with a doctor, a gynecologist which is a doctor specializing with problems like you are having with your period. Do not tell the doctor about the masterbating just tell her details about your periods. Materbating is a personal thing and is quite natural but she will not want to hear it and will get grossed out. Make a doctors appointment with a gynecologist office and hang in there. God bless. Peace out.

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