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Hello if anyone is around

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Is there not much activity going on here at the moment? I was pleased to find a pain management forum from this neck of the woods. Well almost I'm from just the wrong side of the border (I know the shame lol) and I'm dealing with chronic pain in my lumbar spine amongst other things. I look forward to seeing if anyone speaks to me if I don't get kicked out for being English!

Cheers, Tim

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Good Morning Tim,

I chat to everyone lol. Even myself 🤣.

Sorry to hear that you suffer Chronic pain too.

I too suffer chronic pain which can be a real set back.

I look forward to your chat.

Sue. X

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Ardraven in reply to U2Navy

Hello Sue,

I felt a bit strange typing that on here since that's my wife's name too. Thanks for the reply. I'm always pleased to find more people to talk to online, especially if they are dealing with some of the same things as me because I am stuck in the house most of the time and while I have a little dog for company he's not much of a conversationalist. He's a marvellous listener though.

Are you North of the border?

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U2Navy in reply to Ardraven

Good Morning,

Im up and bushy tailed ( hair like a burst couch) ..cant get comfy .

Ive been off work with inflammed Sacro-iliac joints . So I've pottered about for the last 2 hours and now Im ready for a wee nap lol.

Yeah Im central Borders.

Oh and Sue is a fab name. (Just saying lol)

Sue x

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Ardraven in reply to U2Navy

I haven't disappeared altogether. I often go for several days to a week or two without going online much just depending on how much concentration I can muster but like the Inquisition in Monty Python I always pop back up again when no one expects it!

I told my Mrs. what you said about the name Sue (nothing else, just that) and she says you're obviously a person of taste and discernment 😃

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