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Potholes and bumps in road

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I am in the UK and the roads around where I live are appalling, big potholes and lumps and bumps in the road where there has been bad repair. We recently changed our car for a more expensive car with better suspension to cope with the holes and bumps but I am still not confident. Three weeks ago, we ventured out and I ended up with my back in a lot of pain for 3 weeks, I could feel jolts and bumps and side to side motion every second.

How do you cope with this? I have a coccyx cushion to sit on, I have a step to get in and out of the car. I have padded the back out to the seat, but when my back was bad and I had to go for an x ray, I was screaming the whole 6 mile journey. Now the back is improved, I can still feel the jolts, bumps and they are making my back very uncomfortable and now I am afraid to go out because I am wondering if the new spine fractures I got a couple of years ago were through the car and the potholes etc. as I was always complaining how much my back hurt when I got home from a journey.

Any ideas on best cars? I am happy to change the car again although not sure my husband is LOL

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I know exactly where you’re coming from. Sounds like you’ve done an awful lot already - probably as much as you can do. Ive fund that I notice the bumps less if I’m the one who is driving. I think that’s because you see them coming and also because you’re holding on to the steering wheel. Unfortunately that’s no use if you can’t drive. Not to mention the fact that I really don’t enjoy driving

Hi I know what you mean. The pot holes and humps are awful in the U.K. I live in Spain, but we are over in U.K. visiting family and I’m struggling with the roads. The only other thing I can suggest which I have is a lumber support belt for my back. I always wear it whilst traveling and it does help. I don’t wear it at other times as I’m trying to keep my muscles as strong as I can.

Hello cmoc

Would be very interested to hear what others think is a good make of car as I'm also still having issues with this.

You do the cushions like I do, in addition to this I do something which may not be that safe if the car is in an accident(!), but helps me to manage car trips - like Fruitandnutcase says the drive as the wheel to hold which gives body support and something to brace against- I use one of my crutches. I push the crutch against the floor with the armrest at my body centre with an arm in it, this way I have a brace against the bumps, I push down using the floor and stick to brace me at everybump. My husband suggested I used the handrail above the car door but I still cannot get my hand that far above my head / that far away from my body and use it as a support. I also get the drive to issue bump alert message!

Hope you get more responces as this is an on going problem for many of us.

Good luck on this one, best wishes

Posy White

Hi there . I feel your pain .

I not only have cushions but I brace myself in the passenger seat . As in I hold on to the door arm rest and on to my arm rest the other side .

Sadly it’s the only way I can cope with going out in the car .also

Make sure my feet are pushed firmly on the floor too .

It doesn’t seem to hit me so hard with lumps and bumps then . Our roads here are dreadful too .

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Uglow in reply to Looby60

Same x

It is a real problem isn't it? I can only sit in the back of our car, bucket seats in the front are impossible. I find that if I am aware there is a bump, I lean forward slightly to reduce contact with the car, whilst holding onto the headrest in front. I feel less impact that way. I am constantly watching for potholes etc., as my husband isn't always able to avoid them. Breaking sharply is the worst.

Unfortunately my husband was admitted to hopsital with a possible sepsis infection (second time in a year!) and a neighbour took me in last evening to see him. I had to sit in the front and even though I had the seat upright and my cushion, I am in agony today. Getting out is hard because of the bigger front doors.

We have a 12 year old Citroen Picasso C3, a boxy type car, but the back seats are high and perfectly flat and firm, which is ideal. However, the suspension could be better! I try to limit car journeys as much as possible. I've told my husband if we change car, we need to get a newer but same version!

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Met00 in reply to MollyStark

Sorry to hear your husband is in hospital and I hope he recovers quickly. I haven't had spinal fractures, but have similar problems to you with bucket seats, due to disc problems. I use a wedge cushion to level out the seat base and a shaped back support that attaches to the seat back. They can easily be moved to another car if necessary.

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I think that car seat design is diabolical. Like Met00, I rely on a wedge cushion for the seat base and then use a cushion for my back. Speed bumps are dreadful, but at least they can usually be anticipated. I try to avoid the car, but sometimes it's not possible, as you know. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. Painful travel to see him is the last thing you need. I hope he recovers well and soon.

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I dont drive and I dont think my husband will take kindly to me grabbing the wheel while he is driving LOL. Seriously, it doesnt seem that there is much we can do but get onto the council to get the roads sorted. I did do that for the road that is just outside my house, but it took 3 x years, then they did resurface it, but that still leaves all the others!

Be easier to move to a better area where the roads are smoother.

Thanks for the car suggestion. I have seen quite a lot that Citroen give a softer ride, it might be worth trying out one.

Ouch! I know what you mean as I have vertebral fractures, including a new one, some crush fractures, including a new one, scoliosis, spondylitis and osteoporosis. My spine has fused into a deformed shape.It’s a case of quality of life v side-effects of medication for me. Today I followed my GP’s advice of taking more painkillers (up to 8 Codeine Phosphate as well as 8 Paracetamol) if I’m going anywhere. Are you doing that?

I agree with those who say it’s more comfortable as driver than as passenger, but I haven’t the stamina to drive far.For a weekly meeting in a school, we have to go over more than a dozen ‘sleeping policemen’ which are also a pain.

Much of the year, the heated seat helps me. I’ve also tried a TENS machine. I lie down but mustn’t stay still for long.

I hope you find a way to improve travel & your husband gets well soon.

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cmoc in reply to Charleyjoe

Thankyou Charleyjoe, my dr. has just given me Fentanyl patches, I tried oramorph before that, problem is, I dont want to fracture again, so am looking for a car that can handle the bumps and potholes. Having test driven (as passenger) 12 this year, I am beginning to wonder if there is one, I thought about trying a very old Mercedes or something luxurious range from many years ago, you can get them quite cheap now.

Hi, I agree most roads here in the UK are terrible. This time last year we had a Kia ceed estate car, very low to get in and out of, not good at all for my back fracture. We went for a few days in the dales and I fell getting out to take a pic of the scenery and broke my shoulder. We were in the middle of nowhere, no phone signal and I was in agony. I was trying to hold my shoulder in a less painful position but screamed at every bump and pothole, these were small country roads. We didn't know where the nearest hospital was but saw 2 ladies and they said go to catterick, we went but didn't hold out much hope as it's a military hospital and we were right they wouldn't see me (we are both army veterans but that doesn't count), they advised Richmond so off we went to find it doesn't have an a and e department. Anyway eventually in absolute agony through rough country roads I was seen at Northallerton. The journey back was just as bad with bumps and holes etc. So the month after (September 2021) we went car shopping. We now have a Kia Sportage which is higher and easier to get in and out of (it also has a side step if needed) and it's very comfortable. Hope you find the right 1 to help you

I changed cars it doesn’t help. I suffer with osteoporosis and my back kills be. I kinda brace myself and shout at husband 🤣 not his fault tho. I have seat fairly upright. It’s not easy but I ntry never to do more than 45 mins then get out car for 19 min stretch. It does ease it.

Manray, glad to hear you have a car that is better, its not right that so many of us have to go through this to use the roads in the UK. All the money the government has spent on other things you would think they would put more into fixing the potholes.

Uglow, sorry to hear you are in pain too. I found the Mokka seats good (2017 model)

they were flat at the bottom, and upright and flat at back, the new Mokka is going to have the dreaded bucket seats. Still not good over the bumps and holes though.

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