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Newly Diagnosed

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Hello All

After a routine Mammogram and Pelvic scan to assess ongoing HRT prescribing, I was offered a Dexa Scan

This I had and am told today that I have quite significant Osteoporosis.

I am also on Levothyroxine for Under-active Thyroid and Dr wonders if I should cut down as I maybe over medicated. However through trial and error I do function best with a low TSH (0.9) on 100mcgs a day; In the past if I reduce to 75mcgs, my TSH shoots up - usually north of 10...and I feel awful. I feel well at 0.9....have energy and with the support of HRT, I feel very well.

Can anyone give advice about diet and whats best - in way of foods, but supplements? Dr has given me Calcium /Vit D - though was already using Vit D and levels are good for that and no other issues on my Blood profile.

I am not a good eater, lack appetite and always have really. Im slim, used to smoke but gave up 20 years ago. I unfortunately do seem to fit the profile for Osteoporosis and Im ashamed to say have never really given my bones alot of thought - stupidly. Ive always been fit and active, no fractures, I walk alot and go to the gym using weights. But thats about it.

Any advice please for diet, supplements and the right type of exercise....Ive read lot today but always prefer to ask real people!

Thanks so much all, I would appreciate any help.

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Only one of your two t-scores is in the osteoporosis range, which starts at -2.5, so it's literally just on the cusp. Given that there's a large margin of error in DEXA scanning and your other t-score is osteopenia, with both of them being normal for age (z-scores -0.6 and 0), I'm not sure why medication has even been recommended! Has your GP checked your calcium, Vit D and parathyroid blood levels (in same blood draw), plus coeliac and full blood count? It's generally recommended to get calcium from diet if possible and only supplement to make up any shortfall. Vitamin D plays an important role with absorbing calcium and many of us take Vitamin K2-MK7 to help send calcium to the bones, plus a magnesium supplement or plenty from the diet. Boron is thought to be beneficial too, and of course a good diet (the traditional Mediterranean diet is recommended). You don't say how old you are, but it does look as though the exercise you do, especially using weights, is helping to keep your bones healthy.

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luley in reply to Met00

I am 62. Yes all other bloods done and nothing unusual or out of range. Thanks for your advice

That’s not significant and I would go the natural route as there are issues with the drugs. You’ve not broken any bones so that means your bones are holding g up well. Check your calcium levels, vitamin D levels, and take note of any other lacking vitamins and minerals. Look at your diet with fresh eyes. Take vitamin K2 to put the calcium into your bones and out of your arteries. Have yoghurt and lots of greens, fruit and vegetables, and an overall good diet that addresses all the vitamins and minerals you need for healthy bones and overall good health. Do some walking if able and other weight bearing exercises if possible.

Hello. I would definitely ask for your parathyroid (absolutely nothing to do with your thyroid) levels to be checked.Best wishes,

Fran 😷

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luley in reply to Fran57

Thanks for Dr was concerned that having a suppressed TSH and using Levothyroxine long term as I have for 20 years can affect bone density; didn't mention parathyroid unfortunately. I will raise it

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Fran57 in reply to luley

Oops!I have edited it now, but it should have said HYPERparathyroidism!

Apologies 😞

Fran 😉

You are very welcome! 😉When I was told I had osteoporosis I was so shocked that I did my own research and also taught my GP about hyperparathyroidism!

Take care ,

Fran 😊

Hi. I would say at the moment your bone score is a little low but you may have caught it at the right time. I’m sure your Dr would have given you at least calcium tablets. They may have even offered you some kind of bone treatment. If not I think I would be talking to them. You can help yourself by doing some walking. There are bone exercises you can do which I’m sure the Osteoporosis society would be pleased to give you. Oh and eat food that is good for bones.

Hi Luley. I’m a newbie to osteoporosis myself but have been doing a bit of research. I take vitamin K2 MK7 with my vitamin D. Vitamin D increases absorption of calcium but K2 MK7 supposedly moves it into the bones. Also, you need to take these with a meal in which there is fat. I’ve seen some interesting content on YouTube about a low intensity vibration platform, making yoghurt with L Reuteri (by Dr William Davies) and certain supplements that include strontium and digestive enzymes as well as calcium and magnesium. I’ve got a book called ‘ osteoporosis, the silent epidemic’ by Dr Marilyn Grenville. It has tips on diet etc in there. There is also a website called ‘save our bones’ and I signed up for their emails. I hope these measures can help us all. Good luck!

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