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Vitamin K2MK7 and Teriparatide

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Hi. I’ve been on Teriparatide for 5 months and I also take Vitamin D3 1000 iu. Would it be ok to add in Vitamin K2MK7 to this mix? If so, which is the best brand and dose to go for? Very many thanks.

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Hi Snowybear, I am on teriparatide (since October 2020) and take K2-M7, as far as I am aware, there are no known interactions. I use the BetterYou oral spray (I'm in the UK.) It's available at Holland and Barrett.

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Hi MollyStark. Thanks for that helpful reply. I’ll have a look in H&B. I keep reading on here that it’s a valuable supplement so I’ll give it a go.

I personally don't know if it is safe given the meds you are on, but everything I've read suggests you should take K2 (MK7) to help improve bones, so you should definitely ask your doctor. QUESTION. You are taking Teriparatide, when is that prescribe instead of bisphosphonates?

Hi FearFracture. Thanks for replying. I’ll ask the Dr on next phone call. I think Teriparatide is prescribed if the Dexa scans are bad enough and you’ve already had a fracture, which I have unfortunately.

Thank you.

Hi Snowybear, I’ve been on teriparatide for 18 months and I take K2 mk7. The consultant wasn’t sure it does any good but said it wouldn’t do any harm. He advised taking one that is made using natto which is a fermented soybean product. I get them from Amazon. I also take calcium (citrate, can’t tolerate carbonate), D3 and a collagen supplement. And cbd oil capsules - all rather expensive and feel like I rattle but hopefully doing some good.

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Thanks for this. Once start on the supplements, it’s hard to know where to stop. I just take D3 and have plenty of calcium in diet - tho’ some do question if dairy is a good source. Will look out for the natto!

Apparently after the two years on teriparatide it is important to be on an "antiresorptive therapy" for some amount of time to "lock in" the improvement, otherwise the bones lose the density again.

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I have heard this, but don’t know what I’ll do yet. One must still be 2 years better off than if done nothing, I guess.

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Probably. The same is not true of Prolia (densumab) where discontinuing treatment results in rebound osteoporosis.

Yes,definitely take K2, 90ug daily. It helps the absorbtion of D3. You might want to consider upping the D3 during the winter months. Up to 4000 iu is fine. If you're looking for a good supplier try Lamberts Healthcare. They're very good and are a great source of information about all supplements

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