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. I was given zolodronic acid infusion after falling over my dog.and fractured my wrist and small pubic ramus fracture had the infusion 2 yrs and stopped it due to side affects..ime more worried about my teeth .have any one had trouble with teeth after having zolodronic infusion haven't been to dentist for 2 yrs and need to go sometime in near future for hygienest and check worried like to hear from any one who's had zolodronic infusion thanks .

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I've had 3 zoledronic acid infusions and as far as I know it hasn't caused any problems with my teeth. I had a check up and some dental work done recently. The dentist knows i'm having the infusions.

They wouldn’t give me zolendronic as I couldn’t take the Alendronic. I was severely sick after the first one.

Please try to stop worrying and go to you dentist as soon as possible. It is very important that you do. Your doctor should have told you that you need to have regular dental exams when taking bisphosphonates. Check out americanbonehealth.org/medi... Additionally, read americanbonehealth.org/medi... it says "Consider taking antibiotics before dental surgery

More than 90% of the patients with BRONJ get a bacterial infection called Actinomycosis [6,12] in their jaw. A case-control study on myeloma patients receiving high doses of BP treatment for more than 20 months [3] found that a course of antibiotics markedly reduced the risk of BRONJ. Talk with your doctor about taking an antibiotic, such as penicillin, before any major dental procedures, if you are on Zometa or XGEVA for cancer." And it provides other potentially helpful info. BUT GO TO THE DENTIST and make sure you tell him/her your concerns and make sure your dentist is aware of the risks of ONJ related to taking/having taken bisphosphonates.

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