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Hi All, In a couple months I'll need to try Risedronate again. After two doses I had to stop and have a break. I estimate restarting January. I'm also on Calcuim 500 mg/800 I vit D3. Does an6know if it's ok to take probiotic drinks/yogurt?

Pre Osteopenia/early Osteoporosis diagnosis I was already having a few churns and bowels don't work to great ( also have a blood disorder) and become worse. Medical team are aware.

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Hi - I am also interested in whether there is a link between gut and bone health. I found this useful contribution on this site from 3 years ago. Lot of reading, but interesting.

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PS - good luck with re starting the Risondrate x

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Thank you Mo51 for such an interesting article and good luck with Risedronate. In a reluctant way I'm hoping I can tolerate it. The next option is an intravenous version which I fancy even less.

I eat live yoghurt frequenand keffir occasionally. I also take prebiotic capsules to recover after antibiotics

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Thanks Walk 21, sounds like it's ok for me to try.

This post from a while ago contains more info/discussion on probiotics and bone health.

Good luck with your treatment.

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