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Dexa Scan

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Hi, quick update from my last post.

I had a Dexa Scan last week. Not had all the results back yet or a chat with the consultant but was told from comparing the scan from last year, I have grown 10 cm. I will be interesting to see how my multiple fractures of the spine have progress (hopefully).

I now have some gentle exercises to progress from Physio yesterday so another challenge begins and hopefully another 10 cm to try to get back to my original height (wishful thinking!)

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I'm impressed that you've grown 10cm! I'd love to know how you achieved that, as I thought once we'd lost height we couldn't get it back again.

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Flowergirl24 in reply to Met00

Hi Met00

I’m new to all this Osteoporosis/bone density category which I developed when I was very ill pre my liver transplant May 20 caused from Sarcodosis. To be honest, everyone concentrated on that side of things and luckily, I lived to tell the tail.

Post T/P, I walked almost every day, rain, snow, all weather with a Walker and still use it now when out shopping. I upped the notches as I became stronger and the need & urge for my posture to become more upright if you know what I mean.

I had a Dexa scan last week and the person who took it told me I had grown 10 cm from my last scan last year but I still have some fractures in my spine. I have yet to speak to the consultant. I know nothing of how the results read yet. I must be better as I could barely walk last year!

Attended a new physio session on Monday & they were astonished that some one could grow because you normally loose height apparently. I still have some evidence of Kyphosis and now have some gentle exercise to start with as I still feel I’m not there yet as I feel my organs are still slightly crushed with the slight bending over. It feels great to exercise again, but as always, slowly but carefully!

And I’m taking Alendronic andAccrete D3.

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Met00 in reply to Flowergirl24

All I can say is well done and keep up the good work! How wonderful to have such good news after all you've been through.

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