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I recently shattered my radius and have now been invited for a bone density scan as they think I may have osteoporosis. Has anyone had 1 of these? I'm just worried as I can't lie flat due to cervical/thoracic spondylosis. Is the scanner quite BIG? I only ask as I am quite a large lady and I don't want to make a pointless journey....

Many thanks guys....x

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Welcome, sue32. I'm sorry to hear about your fractured radius. I hope you're getting good treatment.

Many here have had DEXA scans. The scan is quite open and doesn't take long. However, it's necessary to lie on your back and to lie still. (see below) I sympathise with you, because that's painful for me, too. Can you lie on your back at all? The radiographer will probably be willing to accomodate you, for example, allowing you to have a break between the hip and spine imaging, if you need it. Is it possible for you to phone the imaging department ahead of time to explain your circumstances?

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I can’t lie absolutely flat as my spine is curved but I will call them tomorrow. 🥰

If you have difficulty laying flat due to pain, I suggest you take some painkillers about 15 minutes before your appointment. A dexa scan is totally different to a CT or MRI scan. The difference being that you lay flat on the bed and the scanner arm passes over you. Then for the second part a large soft wedge is put under your knees to raise them. The whole process only takes a few minutes. No enclosed tunnel. You may find a video on YouTube which shows the process.

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Thank you....🥰

I took a small firm pillow for my head which makes lying on my back bearable. They mostly scan lower back and hips

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Thank you.....🥰

Hello Sue32

Sorry to hear about your fractured radius, I hope you are not in too much pain. It is a good idea to find out about your bone health with the help of a dexa scan, then you know what you are up against and how best you can help yourself.

Having had these scans since the 1990's they really have moved on, and are a fairly simple and easy process. In the last few years I have not been able to lay flat but this has not been a problem as I was supported by pillows.

With Walk21's idea of taking your own pillow and good timing for pain relief I'm sure you'll be okay.

Good luck

Posy White

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Thank you....🥰

Hi Sue,I had to cancel scan despite physio trying to bully me,I have Kyphosis from fractured vertebrae so can’t lie flat either & you need to for scan.Even scan nurse agreed no point if can’t & the journey kills my back doing more damage.No point coz refused Prolia treatment anyway due to dreadful side effects.Perhaps talk to nuclear nurse at hospital who can advise you.Good luck.X

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Thank you. Good points there...🥰

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