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Back fractures

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I was diagnosed with back fractures 18 months ago t8 to t11 when I had an mri scan earlier this year I was told there was an improvement in them which I knew there was because I wasn’t in as much pain however recently whenever I walk for more than a few minutes I get severe pain and breathlessness so much so I have to sit down till it eases . Does anyone know if this is normal I,m waiting to see a physiotherapist. I had chemoradiotheraphy two years ago followed by an oesphagectomy and although I,ve never been told this I think that this could have caused the fractures. I can no longer sleep flat because of the op and have to sleep on an incline. I,ve tried exercising but don’t know if I,m causing more problems any advice would be welcome thanks in advance.

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Hi Molly,sorry to hear of your woes.I have at least 6 fractured vertebrae,like you thought I was improving but now more pain.Was able to stand & walk more,only up & down house but now worse,everything inc physio exs.seem to irritate it.I also have Kyphosis so can’t lie flat,living on recliner sofa 7 months now,trying to lie on propped up incline on bed a few minutes a day to get used to it.Having to take occ. Tramadol on top of Fentanyl patch ,which I hadn’t needed for ages but pain quite bad now.They tell you to walk but like you I must sit to relieve pain.

Hope it’s just a blip from overdoing things,for both of us.Take it easy.X

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Molly6460 in reply to fraid

Thanks sorry to hear about your fractures. Are you in pain all the time or just when walking . I,m fine sat and lying down but as soon as I move about for more than a few minutes the pain starts.

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fraid in reply to Molly6460

Better if I keep still but then get sofa sores & leg oedema,can’t win.The more I stand,walk do exs the more pain I get.Have cut right back on exs physio gave me as make back worse,so building up much more slowly.He’s not much use frankly,initially wouldn’t touch me coz of fractures,then static exs,didn’t come this week so doing my own thang. X

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fraid in reply to fraid

Re breathless I had that too as I was all squashed up but things have settled down inc can now eat where before stomach was all squashed so no room for food.I also have M.E so get nackered anyway.x

Hello Molly6460

Glad to hear that things have started to improve and the fractures are healing. Sounds as if getting to a physiotherapist would be very helpful so I hope you don't need to wait long. But because it's not just pain but breathlessness do you think it's worth checking it out with your GP just in case it's not totally related to the spinal issue?

I still no longer sleep flat because of the spinal fractures I had and have to sleep on an incline. In my own situation after about the 18 months after the fractures the mobility level improved. I started to do more but then the pain levels increased, (but I didn't have the same issue with the breathlessness). However I was told by the physio I was just pushing myself too hard to fast and the muscles in my back, shoulders, neck etc needed a gentle warm up before I started to ask them to do the harder work! - It made sence because once I'd done a few weeks of rebuilding muscle with gentle starter exercises (like the ones that are on ROS website) it did become easier. It was also a bit of a surprise how many of the 'easier exercises' I couldn't do and I'd just not realised e.g. standing on one leg. Once I started doing the ease exercises and building up strength I did better.

It may be worth a call to the ROS helpline to ask one of the nurses?

Do hope you are able to get some support and help quickly.

Best Wishes

Posy White

Nothing to do with the DEXA scan but I was having online physiotherapy for my hand which didn’t go back to normal after I broke both bones in my wrist and one thing she said was that I shouldn’t be exercising at a level of more than 3 out of 10. Well, I was probably going at it 9 or 10/10. As soon as I relaxed, things got much better so your physio was spot on with her advice. Exercising harder and longer is not always the best thing to do . 😊

I know what you mean about exercising it’s hard to know how much you should be doing. Do you know if swimming is worth trying ?

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