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Recently listened to a pod cast by Louise newson, about the advantages of oestrogen. Especially for bone health and dementia.

She recommends women continue to take oestrogen beyond menopause. It has been found the cancer risks are far less than originally thought. Will ask rheumatologist at next appointment. Anyone have experience of this ?

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Who is she? Is she being sponsored by any drug companies?Well for anyone concerned about bone health and to learn about the complexity of bone chemistry ie it's not a one fix wonder I recommend saveourbones.com/

There are shocking revelations on there about drugs and the medical establishment and gives you options on natural bone strengthening.

She is a gp who specialises in menopause. Not sponsored by any one. Has good information on her site.Am thinking of asking to go back on hrt.

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They used to give it to everyone at quite high doses as well...then they seemed to stop entirely ...now we have breast screening which they didn't back in the day with the heavy duty hrt. ...

Here is a link to information concerning Dr Louise Newson. She is a very highly respected doctor.


Thank you for the link. I'll have a look. GPs go through the system and are medically oriented. As a nurse, I see time and time again patients being admitted on a host of drugs.

These drugs are prescribed for symptoms and then lead to other symptoms via side effects and result in more and more drugs. The medical institution is not geared towards real change in lifestyle and sorting things out for yourself and natural remedies. For instance, I recently had a DEXA scan and the "specialist" recommended Alendronate Acid for me. Thankfully I did my research and have declined this life-changing drug and instead I am altering my diet and exercise. When I finally looked at the results of the scan for myself via access to my own medical records I discovered that my hip bones are within normal range and it's my spine which is below. (this apparently is very common). So, my GP felt obliged to recommend this heavy duty drug which would have led to GI problems and muscle and joint pain. Crazy! Not to mention more brittle bones. I was very nearly a victim of Big Pharma through immediate fear of my "diagnosis". I would look at every drug prescribed by the medical profession very carefully. You can purchase natural remedies for the menopause such as Sage Complex - they worked for me. Good luck!

Iam so glad you didn't go down the route of AA it has ruined my life, I was on it for close on 17 years and now I'm left with all the problems you mentioned. Gall bladder removed, the reflux has been horrendous, with the acid burning the schatzki ring creating scarring so it's closed up and couldn't swallow, Had it dilated. It has also caused nutcracker esophagus. Polyps on my abdomen, sore throats constantly. I was not given a drug free holiday. My case is going to court very soon against the doctors for lack of due care.

I'm so sorry to hear that. I thought you are only supposed to stay on it for 5 years? Really shocked by what you have said. I read in "Save Our Bones" that the drug company had already set aside money for being sued. It makes me so angry that these drugs are approved and ruin people's lives, it's all about profit. Apparently osteoporosis has only relatively recently been defined as a disease and this coincided with worries about HRT and therefore a gap in the market for treatment of thinning bones which most women will get. It appears women are just used as human guinea pigs for drug companies. I really hope your case succeeds. The very best of luck.

Sorry to hear of your horrendous experience with AA. I took it some years ago and it was causing a lot of burning in the oesophagus, so I had a holiday from it, but decided not to go back on it. I now have osteoporosis, so may be offered bisophonates by infusion. I wonder if it would make any difference to taking them in tablet form? Best of luck with your medical negligence claim.

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Indeed she is. I would just recommend any woman to take a look at her site. There is up to date information on menopause care. I wish I had continued with hrt for my bone S.

I started HRT (oestrogel and utrogestan) in December 2016 after visiting Dr Newson's clinic. At the time I was getting terrible hot flushes every 30 minutes. My bone density had also been getting progressively worse from -1.9 in 2012 to -2.7 in early 2017. My latest Dexa scan was May 2019 and the T score had gone down to -1.8. I was 59 when I started HRT and believe it to be the one thing that has improved my bone density. I hope you find this information helps.

Thankyou so much for that. Just waiting on blood tests, will then speak to gp. Don't hold out much hope there but will try first .

I am on waiting list for dr newson, cant you give me some idea of cost. There is no mention of it.

I was on hrt for 8 years even before menopause. My boobs were always sore the whole time- even so-called “bioidentical”. Then the NursesStudy of hrt was halted early due to increase in cancer and strokes. Too late for me;I ended up with bilateral breast cancer and before that precancerous changes in my uterus requiring hysterectomy.

HRT us no longer considered standard of care in the US. I reversed my osteoporosis using the COMB micronutrient protocol.

So sorry to hear that Karenjaninaz.Please could you give me a link to COMB? I haven't heard of that! Sounds interesting and I'm reading more about micronutrients. Would be good to know the right combinations. It's all a scandal and I feel more and more women are just used as experiments. Thank you


Thank you!

If you go onto the Newson Health website and click on Consultation. Then scan down the page, the prices are near the bottom. I received my first prescription through her then managed to get my Dr to prescribe it as I am over 60 now. I do purchase Testosterone through her clinic though. If you have any more problems finding the price list let me know.

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