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Lower back pain

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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine 18/12 ago. Went for Covid vaccine last Monday, had side effects which included vomiting, since then I've had pain in my lower back, sure its more connected with bending over toilet (sorry), I was ill Tuesday night, it's now Saturday lunchtime, should I contact GP or will it get better with time, I took Co - codomol but stopped a couple of days ago

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I would speak to your doctor. You might get advice on what to do to help or a decent painkiller. If you can get onto the floor and lie on your back try lying on the carpet or a yoga mat with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent, you might feel a bit ‘twinge-y’ until your poor old body unwinds and settles down but hopefully it should feel good until you can speak to your doctor .

Remember though, if doesn’t feel good or hurts in any way then don’t do it.

Thank you

HiJennymary. Just a thought but Co-codamomol,which I take for my joint pains does make me very constipated and that in its self gives me very bad low back pain(we just can not win!) Lactulose helps with that problem!Have had first Covid jab my self with no after effects but my Nephew had severe vomiting with his jab and had to go into Hospital for a day to get sorted out.(He is a fortyfour year old Policman , on duty at a vaccination centre and got jabbed at the end of the day)

Speak to your Doctor first thing Monday if no better by then please.

Take care and stay safe.

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Jennymary in reply to Pinklady45

Thank you, yes I get the same problem with Co codomol so I took it for a, couple of days, but none since Thursday, sorry to read about your nephew, hope he's feeling better now

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Pinklady45 in reply to Jennymary

He is fine now and back on duty.How are you now, any better?

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Jennymary in reply to Pinklady45

It's a lot easier than it was, so I'll give it a, couple more days, no real pain more discomfort, so hoping it's healing itself, one good thing it's not keeping me awake at night

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