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Hip Replacement Patience


After 14 wait month after seeing my surgeon it was finally done 21st July and I am feeling a lot better. I can go up flights of steps now, something I had to avoid. I am walking well now. Getting into cars is now pain free. Sure there are still some aches and pains but I am now sleeping quite well. It was awful lying on my back, I tucked a pillow under my knees for a lot of the night, and the groin pain took about 4 weeks to go away. 7 week check was great as I passed the tests and was told I could now do what I liked. So, back to sleeping on my left side and now can sleep on the right where the hip was done. Sit on normal seats instead of dragging a cushion around. Takes a few steps but then I can walk normally. This should go away soon. Good luck any one having surgery. The discomfort is for a relatively a short while and the outcome is really worthwhile.

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Congratulations on your recovery. I haven’t had a replacement but did have surgery to repair a broken neck of femur. For me those few weeks of only lying on my back we’re the worst part of the whole experience.

Best wishes for your continued recovery.

Congrats on your success! I an 64 with diagnosed osteoporosis and and have been told my rt hip pain is due to the need to have it replaced.. I was shocked as I felt it was mainly arthritis and just needed therapy. may I ask what kind of surgery you had? The recommendation to me was that they go thru & do an anterior replacement rather than a side one which cuts muscle/tendons... I really am waiting to hear from people who have had this done. I was also told hips were much easier than knees.. Which could be a consolation 🙂

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It is now 6 months since my hip operation. I had an anterior cut and quite a bit shorter apparently than going the other way down the side. Main thing is be patient and follow the instructions. I have no limp but know a couple who ignored the recovery suggestions and tried to do things too early. Consequently both now have a limp. I can get straight up now and do not have to 'get going'. I have occasional pain in the groin area but can easily walk up to 5 k a day (I don't do this very often, especially in the heat of summer here in Australia! I have no regrets at all from having the surgery and I wish you luck if you go ahead.

My husband had a hip replacement a couple of years ago. He insisted he didn’t limp (he positively hobbled) there was nothing wrong with him etc (there quite obviously was) eventually we went to a holiday house in Cornwall. Our house was five minutes down a very steep hill to the beach and pub. After walking up and down the hill several times a day for the week he was on his knees and was booked into see a specialist the day after we got home.

He had his hip operated on with a spinal block and sedation - no general anaesthetic. If you get the option I would definitely go for that, he woke up and said he was hungry. The nurses got something to eat and drink, then the physio popped in before she went home and had him up walking round the bed.

The most important thing is to do your physiotherapy, I also sent him along time my Pilates teacher / physiotherapist for a few more sessions.

His new hip has made the world of difference to both of our lives, I’m sure you won’t regret having it done. Not only that - he went back the work six weeks to the day of his operation. Husband was 71

From what I’ve seen of other people I’d say hips are easier than knees.

I found this helpful website, you might want to have a look at it too


I actually got a 2nd opinion as I am not ready yet for the replacement - I am currently in PT and may end up getting injections later... It just made sense to me to at least try the PT prior to any surgery as it seems that would only make the time after surgery with PT even better! When the time comes I will probably get the hip replaced and definitely am a believer in the PT before as well as after. I had PT when I broke my wrist several years ago and it made all the difference!

I will check out the website you suggested and Thank you both for responding!

I completely agree with you, you want to get yourself as fit as you can be before you actually have your hip replaced. It makes recovery much easier - well I think so anyway.

I suggested my husband have PT before his hip operation but by that time he was really too far gone for PT to work - he was totally in denial. Think he was grinding bone on bone, his hip had totally crumbled by the time he went for his op. He was working and walking ( well hobbling along) right up until the day before his op.

Good luck with it all,

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