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Amazing Improvement- No Drugs

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I just had a dexa today, after 2 years from my first one.

I have taken no drugs, just exercise, diet and supplements, not all for the full 2 years. Gradually adjusting.

So, 2017 t-score spine -3.7. 2019, t-score spine -3.

2017, femoral neck, -3. 2019, femoral neck, -2.4.

2017 total hip -1.8. 2019, total hip, -1.3.

Spine 12% up, femoral neck 15% increase and total hip 8% increase.

Nurse said she had never seen such a significant improvement in someone who had taken no op drugs.

I asked her to tell the doc and she said they may use me as a case study!

Hoping this can continue!

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That's excellent news. I'd appreciate a list of your daily supplements, and the dose. Thanks. 🖖🏻

That’s wonderful news. Are you willing to share your exercise and supplements routine for the rest of us trying to avoid the drugs. You are proof that it can be done without the dreaded drugs.

That is fantastic good news. It gives me hope as I'm planning to go without medicines. May I ask if you are post menopausal female?

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Justme13 in reply to Nanaedake

Hi Nan....

Yes I am 6 years past menopause.

Great news please share your age and exercise and supplements, there may be hope for us all!! Well done.

Please share! We all hope for great results without meds!

Fantastic result - interesting to know age and treatment regime.

Great news really pleased for you, I was only diagnosed a couple of months ago, not taking meds and your post gives me hope that I can reverse my T scores

Well done. It gives a lot of us hope that we are not being silly going down the natural route.

WOW: congratulations...i’m with everyone else: please share regime details + your age...AND i’m very interested in whether you have any diagnosed comorbidities so are in prescrip meds for these eg autoimmune conditions

This is great news - well done! Can't wait to read what you've done and taken!

Brilliant news.Please share your secrets!xx

Thanks everybody. I’ll try and answer all the questions and comments in one reply.

Exercise -

So, after diagnosis, as I don’t like drugs, I phoned the dexa nurse and she mentioned a physio service. Handout arrived with details of Live Active and Vitality. Contact at Live Active devised a programme. This person is not OP trained though. I started at the gym 2 years ago. Deadlifts, farmers walk, leg press, dumbbells, various machines and mat work. After 1 year, I was ‘handed over’ to normal gym staff, who know even less about OP! I also had physio handouts based on NOS information, which I showed to gym staff. My programme was always too long, so I eventually split it into weights at gym and mat work at home. I was quite sporadic with Vitality, and now do Shabam instead, with my first Body Combat class this week. I have been doing yoga since January. Same time frame for Shabam. Walking (which apparently doesn’t do anything, but I like it!). Only recently started jogging, jumping more frequently and more one legged standing.


I previously did a nutrition course at the local Maggie’s Centre (cancer) run by a dietitian. I also read NOS information and information on this forum. Now, I’m trying to kill 2 birds with one stone - anti OP and anti cancer.

I upped my calcium intake to1200mg a day from soy, nut, coconut milk and natural yogurt with cultures and some cheese. Oily fish. I include up to 10 fruit and veg a day. Some organic. I take turmeric and herbs. I eat a lot of nuts and seeds, including sesame, chia, pumpkin, sunflower, linseed.

I make kefir with organic whole milk. Dietician said don’t need yogurt with kefir as it’s superior.

Supplements -

Information from this forum.

D3 - took it before op. Increased to 3000 iu. Dropped down to 1000iu. Get annual nhs test. Now 2000iu maintenance. Will get private test soon. 131nmol.

K2 120ug. Source of Life. Maybe increase?

Vit C - 1000mg a day

Boron from 6 prunes. Maybe switch to supplements?

I have just turned 64. Went through menopause at 57.

Diagnosed with colon cancer at 60.

I had lost a lot of weight. After surgery, I had 6 months double chemo, with anti sickness drugs and some steroids and PPIs. I spent so much time researching the chemo, even stopping one drug early, I neglected to research the steroids and PPI. Now know about the bone damage.

Now, I did read a small study that bone damage from steroids during chemo will reverse in 9 months. ??

I don’t know if some of my BMD gain is from recovering from cancer treatment and weight gain.

So, to summarise, dexa nurse amazed, and did not offer me drugs. Scan again in 2 years. I still have op in my spine but she knows my opinion on drugs.

Told to continue what I’m doing!

Hope I’ve covered everything - if not, will update.

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Justme13 in reply to Justme13

Forgot to add.......use Magnesium spray........not long started.....

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Barnclown in reply to Justme13

😊THANKS 👍👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐

I was surprised that you weren’t taking magnesium!

The regime I am following is 5000 iu vitamin d, 500 mg of elemental magnesium (it’s better if you can take it orally as it’s easier to control doses) 600 mg K2-mk7, and 6 mg boron. At the last count my vitD levels were 120 and I’m hoping to get them up to about 200 before throttling back a bit.

Lots of good info on the Facebook group “vitamin d and co factors - U.K.”

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Mitziecat in reply to Justme13

Fantastic that you have improved your scores and thanks for sharing your programme. Like you I have refused bone meds after my Dexa Scan. I have osteopenia in my spine and osteoporosis in my hips. This was diagnosed last September. A recent scan showed some areas of improvement but in right hip but a slight decline in left hip. I use to do a lot of weight bearing gym exercises and classes before diagnosed with PMR ( now in remission). I have started body combat again but worried about returning to jogging due to the hip scores. It might be alright if I do it gently. I think I have to be disciplined to do the exercises. Very easy to find a reason not to

I do have one question. I take Vitamin K2 50 ug daily as this is recommended on the bottle. I am picking up that others take more. I don’t really know what 50 ug is equivalent to.

Thanks for those details. What's Shabam and Vitality? And what type of yoga do you do?

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Justme13 in reply to Londinium

Vitality is nhs/ council project. Gp referral. For people with health issues. Mostly older 70s and 80s. Bit like aerobics with circuits. Think details on nhs website.

Shabam is for ‘normal’

It’s one of Les Mills is Body combat....Think Body Attack too.

Body Jam....Body Pump....haven’t tried....

I have membership of council gym/classes included....

I do Shabam for my ‘impact’ component....

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Justme13 in reply to Justme13

I think Hatha? I do it in Maggie’s Centre.....for people who have had cancer....I bought MM book for yoga.....and adapt positions in class.

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Hidden in reply to Justme13

Maggie's Centres are so good, not just for Canxer patients, although that is what they are mainly for. I loved gping to my local one for the social side as well as for advice. :-)

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Nanaedake in reply to Justme13

Thank you for sharing your recovery plan. Sounds like I'm doing much the same type of thing as you so I'll ask for a DEXA scan earlier than the 5 years proposed.

My T scores are similar to yours in my spine. I was thinking about boron supplements but read that prunes have many additional benefits and don't promote weight gain according to studies so I think I'll stick with the prunes.

As my Bone density may be reduced for different reasons than yours I may not make the same gains as you - so we'll see. I take 150mcg of K2 daily by alternating 100 and 200mcgs. I take a little less vitamin C but its an active food variety rather than ascorbic acid - don't know if it matters. I take a B complex that contains the methylated forms of B including methyl folate. Vit D is around 110nmol. I'm going to add silica now. I do Hatha Yoga, Zumba and jog about 1k, 3 times a week. I know that's not a lot but it's what I can manage.

Like you, I found my gym program too long so now do some weights at home and some floor exercises daily at home.

It sounds like it might all be worth the effort after all!

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Justme13 in reply to Nanaedake

Hi. Nanaedake. How many prunes do you take?

I take 6. How many mg is that? Have you any idea how much is optimal?

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Nanaedake in reply to Justme13

I take 6 prunes too with yoghurt. I think it equates to about 3mg of boron. Did you take any strontium citrate.? I haven't.

Some research I read said 6 prunes is good. Also does not cause weight gain.

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Met00 in reply to Nanaedake

There is research suggesting prunes are good for the bones, but it's unlikely to be solely due to the boron in them. 100g prunes (that's about 10-12 prunes) contain just over 1mg of boron, so 6 prunes will only contain about 0.5mg.

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Justme13 in reply to Met00

So, do you take prunes or supplements?

I doubt if I could manage 12 prunes!

If I’ve only been taking 0.5mg , then that would have minimal effect on my bones. ??

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Met00 in reply to Justme13

I take a supplement now - 6mg a day. I did try eating prunes, but got fed up with them eventually, plus they didn't help my IBS much!!

Reading lots of good things about prunes. Do they have to be dried or can tinned count too?

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Nanaedake in reply to Met00

Yes, for some people supplements might be best. Thanks for answering the boron amount question.

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Justme13 in reply to Nanaedake

No, never taken strontium citrate.

But you spend a lot of time in the loo?!?!

No, they do not affect me adversely. In fact they are so many good things in prunes that they normalise gut function. Might not work if you have a gut disease though.

I can't believe I was also offered horrible drugs for Osteopenia but not offered any other help or advice whatsoever. I also refused to take them. I thought you were in the US until I read the NHS mentioned. Well done you!

Same here! I had a quite a fight to go drug free, but wasn’t offer any help, not even a leaflet or the name of Bone Health! Thank goodness for HealthUnlocked!

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Justme13 in reply to Marymary7

I wasn’t offered any advice re exercises or diet. I had to phone, make enquires and read this forum.

My dexa report in 2017 only offered drugs.

Under Lifestyle Recommendations - None.

That’s wonderful news, it’s both encouraging and inspiring! Thank you for the additional information too.

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Fantastic news Justme13, and thank you for sharing your regime/supplements. I wonder if your results are even greater than they appear: I was told that chemorad effects on my bone loss do not wear off, and they continue. (Cancer colon resected 5 yrs ago). However, I haven't heard this elsewhere (nor have I asked) only from my practice nurse who has always been reliable.

I'm happy for you. This must be a tremendous boost in motivation, very handy as winter approaches. :-)

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Justme13 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Filistines. I had colon resected 3.5 years ago.

Didn’t know chemo effects in bones lasted indefinitely.

Just told about steroids affect on bones after I was diagnosed with OP.

Well done Justme13 and thanks for giving us all this very helpful info.

Well done. Thanks for all your posts. Looks like many of us have no wish to take these awful drugs and to be honest we seem just as well on the natural route but with out the nasty side effects..

Let's all make a stand against these drugs that are constantly pushed by the pharmaceutical industry...

Yay! welcome to the growing club of people who have improved their bone density without drugs. Why not make a separate post of your account of what you did so you can share, like I did? The more evidence we can accumulate the easier it will be for others to follow in our footsteps. :)

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Justme13 in reply to HeronNS

Thanks Heron. Will try and copy and paste my reply. I’m still learning and have no idea what the single most important factor was. Obviously, have a long way still to go, but this forum has been invaluable.

Great news. I am doing the same and hope it works as well for me.

That's wonderful! I too, am not taking any drugs, just exercise, diet and supplements. Would you mind sharing what supplements you are taking?

Sorry, just found your post about what you take.

Congratulations to Justme13. I wish u continued health.


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Justme13 in reply to Gertzm


Inspiring!💪 Love it! I have a question, how do you see a DEXA nurse? I had my DEXA and then it was sent to GP. My GP said I cannot see anyone who specialises in OP, is that right. Do you have some vitamin supplier recommendations?

See my reply to you below!

No reply below appeared😀

HiOh dear...typed it.....must’ve disappeared. 1st dexa sent directly to me. 2nd dexa nurse was there and gave me report. Gp had offered to refer me to endocrinologist but a long wait. I declined as I didn’t want drugs.

I’m no expert on suppliers for supplements, but I use Better You oral spray vitamin d and body spray magnesium. I use Holland n Barrett for tablets of boron, zinc and Vit c though they’re not the best. Vit k2 tablets on line, although I prefer Better You Vit k2 oral spray.

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