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New here, I have been on Strontium Renalate until it was withdrawn, does anybody know who the manufacture is in the U.K. I know Aristo I think is based in India, but I wanted to let my pharmacy know before I get my repeat prescription. Thank you

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Hi Bookwormlover.

I contacted Ian Chatterton, the Marketing Direct of Aristo Pharma Ltd UK last year. I was initially concerned that the parent company was based in India.

He assured me that the SR is made in Germany and would be available in the UK from the 14th of Jan.

As a result I put my repeat prescription into the system in plenty of time, but when I called at the Well pharmacy adjoining the GP surgery, this morning, I was dismayed to hear that they couldn’t trace any, even though I had given then all the Aristo details weeks ago.

Well pharmacy in my village, only use 2 suppliers and neither appear to deal with Aristo, even though the office is UK based.

They are going to make further enquires on Monday. I’ve also contacted Aristo UK this morning by phone ( recordered message) and email.

The details are;


01353 887 100

Aristo Pharm

The North Suite

Avro House

49 Lancaster Way Business Park

Ely, Cambridge


Hopefully you will have more success. Let me know how you get on. If necessary I will have to try other chemist chains in my area, like Boots. Which means physically collecting my prescription from the GP each month and then delivering it somewhere else.

Certainly not as convenient as Well pharm arranging it all for me.

Good luck

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My pharmacy is only a little village one, so I expect like you I will have to try the bigger chemists, I think Boots do a delivery service as do many other ones. Thank you for letting me know the address & phone number of Aristo in Cambridge.


Hi Bookwormlover

Please look for replies under the Strontium Ranelate discussion. I posted the following to you:

Just another update. A friend who first told me about SR in 2010, has just received the following information from Aristo:

It’s the distributer, Alliance Healthcare being slow, the SR will be at the pharmacies soon, the guy at Aristo will let me know and then I’ll tell my pharmacy they can order it:

The more of us who contact Aristo, the more they will pressurise Allience Health. I just hope WELL pharmacy deal with them. Apparently Alliance Healthcare are one of the largest distributors.

Best wishes

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