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I amI seeking information in respect of the side effects of this drug. I was only on it for four months before I decided that I could no longer cope with the numerous side effects. The last one being an infected tooth. This was in August. My dentist refused to take it out and referred me to the hospital. Had to wait 8 weeks before it came out on the 8th October. In spite of 7 courses of antibiotics it has still not healed. Now at my wits end trying to live with the discomfort and the constant draining. Not to mention the toll all the antibiotics have had on my body. Would appreciate any advice from anyone who has experienced anything similar.

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Hi I was told to stay off Prolia injections for 6 months to rid my system of the drug before getting a lower jaw tooth removed. I was on bisphosomates for a number of year namely Protelos and another one before Prolia injections for 2 years. As you had infections after tooth was extracted and antibiotics are failing to heal the tooth area I would hope that your hospital monitor you closely and put you on a super antbiotics if there is one. I'm not a medic but I was prescribed Forteo injections daily a week before the tooth was removed and I asked the dentist if it was okay to start before removal. He said it was not a bisphosomate but rather a synthetic hormone (normally kicks into your system during your teenage years to build bone). My Osteo Consultant said that my dental hospital specialist should be pleased as it Builds up bone and helps healing. I had to attend a specialist dentist privately to have this small tooth removed and he did so with no trauma and thankfully it healed up quickly. Perhaps you could ask your hospital if you started Forteo injections would it help with antibiotics and help with the healing. Please God you will heal up and forget about this terrible period in your life.

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Thanks Elizabeth, I have already made the decision that I won’t be having any more drugs. I will be using diet and exercise from now on and just take my chances.

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