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Hi I came off Alendronic Acid after 4 tablets because of indigestion and thrush returning. My GP has referred me to a rheumatologist so I can get some other more suitable treatment.

I phoned the booking office and was told there were no appointments in any of the three hospitals in my area. I was told to phone again in 2 weeks.

I phoned again – “We have nothing before end of January / February and a long waiting list then.” Is this usual, when one already has 2 vertebrae fractures and degeneration of the cord.

I hope I don’t get any more fractures before that. Any suggestions?

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  • Hi beginner1,

    Sounds awful! No appointments for months and a long waiting list.

    You could explain the situation to your GP and ask if he/she can hurry things through for you if at all possible.....

    Has your name been put on any the lists of the three hospitals that you called? You could keep calling to ask if there are any cancellations.....

    When I could not tolerate AA my GP put me on Risedronate but that did not agree with me either. It may be ok for you though.....

    I see a doctor in the Endocrinology Department for my Osteoporosis. Perhaps you could ask your GP to be referred there and hopefully the waiting list will not be so long ....

  • What do you take now Kaarina?

  • Good morning, Lynneypin :)

    I take Strontium Ranelate and as this was withdrawn at the end of August my stocks at getting low. I see the doctor on Monday in the Endocrinology Department regarding my OP and I know he is going to suggest Denosumab (Prolia) injections because as I left my last appointment with him six months ago he handed me an information sheet on it. I already suffer joint pain daily due to osteoporosis (OA) so I am not wanting to go down that road as joint pain is a possible side effect and I do not wish to take the risk of being on the receiving end of yet more daily pain.

    I am in a quandry....... ;)

  • It's such a shame about Strontium Ranelate. That would have been my choice too. So far I haven't made my mind up what to do either...

  • Possibly strontium citrate (naturally occurring, not patented) would work just as well. Strontium is heavier than calcium which is why it appears to make bones more dense.

  • Thank you Heron. Yes, I did take SC for a time before being prescribed SR and ordered it over the internet. Always a risk though. I may well go back to ordering SC again.

  • Hi Kaarina

    Thank you for your suggestions. I'm up on B12 deficiency but don't know a lot about backs and bones. I must read the NOS stuff again.

    I have just phoned my surgery and left a message for my GP. I will ask her about endocrinology. At last I have found a good NHS GP, one who listens.

    I did ask for a cancellation, as we live five minutes from one hospital but he muttered some excuse.

    I'm sorry about your medication being cancelled and hope they can find a suitable replacement. I hope it wasn't made on cash grounds - one can never tell with the NHS. I should change my user name to 'Cynic1' !

  • Is there anyway you could afford a private consultation? I paid £150 but it was a very comprehensive discussion. It's a shame but that's the way it's going now in the UK. ☹️

  • I was going to suggest that as well to beginner1 but then decided not to, so I am pleased that you have done so, Lynneypin. :)

  • I go to a private GP for my B12 deficiency, which has worked very well. The NHS GP's did not even refer me to a neurologist, so I had to do that privately as well.

    I have found a GP at my practice who is good but if she can't manage to hurry them I will look for a private one. What happens about any medication they suggest then, does that have to be private too. That is the reason I am seeing a consultant as I cannot take Alendronic Acid.

  • Bit of a tricky one there seeing a consultant privately and then asking your GP to prescribe medication on the NHS. My GP has done this for me with another health condition though.

    Not quite sure how it would work if the consultant suggested one of the injection options and you agree and how that could then be transferred to be done on the NHS......

  • My GP thought it would be the injection route. I hope they don't come too often, I have them twice a week for B12. and they are for life. I already feel like a pincushion.

  • The injection which the consultant would like me to have (I was given the blurb on this six months ago at my last appointment with him) is twice a year for three years, so 6 in all. I believe there is a yearly injection too. :)

  • My private consultant wrote to my GP with her suggestion for a prescription, which he then issued. ( I haven't actually taken it yet however!)

  • I had to wait so decided I could travel got an appointment 40 miles away at another hospital waited four weeks..the doctor I saw was brilliant. All the test done that morning without having to go back.appointments made for a bone scan and an infusion of a new drug at a cottage hopital a few miles away..I had 15 spinal wedge fractures. .stand your

  • I've travel outside my area and county for other health issues and travelled to the next county to see an Endocrinologist for an Osteoporosis consultation because My system was not able to tolerate the various osteoporosis drugs. so I feel it's worth you trying further afield if you can manage the traveling.

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