vitamin B12 and osteoporosis

I have found a connection between vitamin B12 deficiency and osteoporosis. Calcium and vitamin D are often mentioned here but not vitamin B12. It can also cause subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord. I wonder if people, here, with osteoporosis have had their vitamin B12 tested, ferritin and folate are usually tested with it.

“Tissues and organ dysfunction. . . . . . . . . .Deficiency can also result in osteoporosis, with reduced bone derived alkaline phosphatase and plasma osteocalcin.”

The BMJ CLINICAL REVIEW Vitamin B 12 DEFICIENCY Alesia Hunt Page 3 - 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.

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  • Thanks for the information. Do you know who would test your B12 levels? The GP?

  • GP might when you are having other blood tests done or you could have private blood tests done by sending your sample away. Look on line for private blood testing. Sorry, I can't remember the names of the two I've heard of.

  • My GP tested B12, folate and ferritin when my balance went, I also had other symptoms. You can get a private test of the three also. Getting treatment from your GP is another matter. B12 treatment must be started before folate (folic acid) is treated, but folate is needed to make B12 work.

    For information on B12 symptoms look at the PAS site, they have a forum too for B12 deficiency and PA.

  • Sorry, PAS site? Do you have a link? Thanks

  • Sorry, I can never make links work -

    but PAS SOCIETY in Google will get you there.

    Pernicious Anaemia Society in Healthunlocked is the forum.

  • My RA consultant ordered my B12 blood test.

  • I read the connection too. I managed to get b12 loading doses out of my gp and folate too. But I was then back to 3 monthly so I now buy my own injections and folate in Germany.

    It can only help with absorption and as it's water soluble you can't overdose so I'm carrying on as I have fractures.

  • Jade Hi I got 5 loading then zilch. B12 103 < 180-1000. plus neuro. symptoms, 3 months retest, then 6 month retest which never happened.

    I found myself a very nice private GP and have injections from him, (he has read all the literature on B12 and met Martyn Hooper,) but keep the option of self injecting in mind.

    I wonder if having things like fractures plus 2 ops. this year need more B12.

  • I wish I knew. I read the 'could it be b12' book and she mentions osteoporosis in there. But I can't find an real research on it. But as the b12 is safe I will carry on and hope it helps.

  • Jade hi I found this article "Reversal of severe osteoporosis with vitamin B12 and etidronate therapy in a patient with pernicious anemia."

  • If you eat a good balanced diet you should not be deficient in vitamin B12, but sometimes people may feed better on B12 or B group vitamin supplement.

    If you are deficient in B12 you will have symptoms.

    Factsheet RDA, foods high in B12:

    measurement of ug is same as measure for mcg. (RDA amounts recommended are mcg see table 2nd link above

    Vegetarians are more at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency and sometimes they are recommended by their health professionals to supplement with vitamin B12 if their diet is inadequate.

    Vegetarian Advice Diet:

    Vegan Advice Diet:

    RDA for vitamin B12:

    Long term deficiency in any nutrient the body requires will lead to health issues regardless, the reason why a good balanced diet is important and also take into account the activities as humans we may undertake which can deplete the body of nutrients, excessive sport not enough replenishment, alcohol, smoking, medications, other recreational drugs etc. Keeping the body adequately hydrated is also very important.

  • "f you eat a good balanced diet you should not be deficient in vitamin B12,"

    If you have Pernicious Anaemia you can eat the best diet and will still need B12 injections for life, and the same with B12 deficiency when caused by absorption problems.

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