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Osteoporosis information

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Hi everyone. New to this. 3 years ago was diagnosed op. Wouldn't take medication. Then next scan it was worse. So they've put the frightened on & want me to take iv zoledronate. Sounded good when went for talk, has was told that wouldn't get side effects as it only goes in the blood for a few days. So could get cold flu symptoms. Then it goes into the bone so no effects. Reading other people's experiences have decided not to take. Any suggestions what can do naturally. I walk everyday, do yoga stretching. Have good diet etc.

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First of all, have you had any fractures? If not, then I think you are safe to go the natural route. I will private message you the essay I wrote myself to keep track of what was going on with me. It's a bit old now, one moves on, but you'll get the idea. And hopefully the internet links in the wee bibliography will still be working.

Over the course of a year between DXA scans I improved my t-score from -2 to -1.6.

Even if you do opt for the meds, please do all the natural things as well - that at least gives your bones what they'll need for good rebuilding!

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Thank you for your reply. Yes all as been checked by blood test &'all ok. I do most of what you do walking th 10,000 steps yoga etc. Take osteocare which doctor said ok. Couldn't taken cal ones as the have aspatimin in them. Osteocare as vit d calcium magnesium sic copper maganese selenium & boron. I have read about kefir which I an going to start taking today. Supposed to strengthen bones & also good for stomach problems. The only break I've had is in my ankle at the end of 1999. So can't believe that my score got worse.

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Do you get the Vitamin K2?

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Eleanor01 in reply to HeronNS

Hi could you please message me also what you did to improve your bones

Hi Lacey,

I take Protelos, Strontium Ranelate and this was the drug that I wanted to be on if I had to be on a drug for OP. I have had no side effects from it at all and been on it a couple of years. I did have to wear a BP monitor for 24 hours before the doctor in the endocrinology department would prescribe it for me via my GP.

I take it you have had your Vit D levels checked. Do you take calceos or have enough calcium daily in your diet? I am only prescribed Vit D (actually my Vit D levels are great - pleased something is going well for me ;)) after discussing my diet with my GP.

I do take magnesium, K2 and boron, which I buy myself.

I walk every day and try to make sure I do at least 10,000+ steps which I usually achieve. I wish I could find a place near me that does Slow Weights as this is meant to be good but unfortunately so far I have not found anywhere.

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Hi thank you also for your reply. Been doing all that you say. All blood tests clear. But they still want me to take drugs. Taking osteocare that as all vitamins in.

The National Osteoporosis Society has very good information on Exercise which is downloadable from their website. Google elainemansfield.com....Designing Exercise Programmes to lower Fracture Risk in Mature Women and also honesthealthnews.org.....Your Targeted Exercise Guide for Osteoporosis Prevention. A Canadian initiative "Too Fit To Fracture" has a single page which highlights a 4 prong exercise programme, generally recommended widely, to help prevent fractures: Strength Training, Balance Exercises, Posture Awareness and Aerobic Exercise. Armed with this info I'm attending a personal trainer and working on a home/gym programme. I take care of the aerobic side by dancing ( barn/ceile) and fast walking especially fast up a hill or two! A stroll is of no benefit as heels must strike the ground. I do strength training plus balance in the gym twice weekly and body weight exercise once a week at home. I also do Pilates. There are definitely Yoga exercises which are specifically recommended for bone strengthening if you investigate. I take kefir six days of the week as I really believe in its benefits plus home made bone broth is excellent, be it from chicken/shin beef bones or turkey bones as well as taking some supplements. Don't forget vit D3. I also broke my ankle in 2008! No more breaks since. I think loosing bone density is part of the natural process of aging. I'm sure mine has gone down from the dexa scan in 2008 but I gather that if I have it repeated and its down further I'll have to be offered drugs which I would refuse. Through much pondering I'm taking my chances with exercise and diet. I've read that its quite often people with osteopenia who have breaks and some with very low density don't have any and it may be to do with the quality of the bone. If in the future I do have fragility breaks then I would co sider drugs. Each to their own!!

Don't take just keep doing what you're doing be vigilant and never give in or up. I too was reluctant than got the scare on so took the meds and swear on oath things got worst so stopped taking them and went on regimen of yogo stretching WEIGHT BARING EXERCISE swimming walking good diet cut out sugars and foods that cause inflammation put on prayer and a positive attitude and the results have been fantastic. I'm 64 and never felt better and I move with more purpose and agility. some days though I do take ibprophen excuse spelling and paracetamol just because I can!

Thanks for reply. I to am 64 & have definitely decided to go down the same road as you. Drugs really scare me. The way nurse was going on I was going to break a bone by just moving. I am now taking solgar .ultimate bone support. Which was highly recommended. Strengthening & balance exercises off internet called better bones.kingston.gov.uk. Do every day now.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago due to taking prednisolone, resulted in 5 fractures in my back, advised to have infusion of Zolandronic acid but refused. Year later , 2 weeks ago had another scan and exray which showed i had lost another inch from my height. Was 5ft 5 inch but am now 5 ft 1 inch, been advised to have this infusion again, but am very sceptical. am also taking vit c, mag, vit k and vit d. Is there anyone that can help with an alternative? I am 73yrs young and have also got vasculitis, what a combination uh. so fed up with it all. Do have a good diet too.

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