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Expected exercises - got spinal fractures

I was told yesterday, by the consultant, that I have spinal fractures. I am to have an MRI, I haven't heard when yet. I was referred by my GP because my back had developed a hump. I have no pain but it does ache if I stand for a short while. If it does not heal he said they would fill the fractures with concrete. The bone density test diagnosed osteopenia.

I also have B12 deficiency, being treated with injections, which I have heard has a connection. I have also had two operations in the last 5 months for a frontal sinus mucocele - no connection I know of except that it causes bone erosion around the sinus.

Should I ask my GP to test for vitamin D and calcium which has never been done. Any other advice would be welcome too as all this is new to me.

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Really sorry to hear about your spine Beginner1 . Have you got PA ? This results in low or no stomach acid. Stomach acid is needed in the break-down and subsequent absorption of many vitamins and minerals . This malabsorption can lead to osteopenia . But doctors do not know about no stomach acid in PA . My doctor said she had never heard of it when my gastroenterologist wrote to her because I kept pestering him for a stomach acid test . He said it's only done in U.K. under research conditions. I know that it's done in other countries, but not here . Doctors know practically nothing about nutrition . It isn't an important part of their training. And yet it's so important in keeping us well . They learn to prescribe medication . Yes vitamin D should also be tested . Lots if people have vitamin D deficiency especially in winter . Vitamin D 3,should be taken with K 2 . Google it and you will see why . I sorry that I haven't been of more help,I do wish you the very best !

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My IF test was negative but we know how accurate that is. I will ask about the K 2 as well.

I have a phone appointment with my NHS GP, the nice and thorough one, one of only two I am prepared to see. Will have a laugh about it with Dr. P when I go for an injection on Monday and ask him too.


Hi beginner1

I am sorry to read about your fractures. I am surprised you have been dx with osteopenia and not with osteoporosis as you have fractured. Definitely ask for your Vit D to be checked out. You will also need to find out if you have enough calcium in your daily diet unless you wish to take the calceos tabs the doctors dish out. My gp only prescribes Vit D for me as we discussed my diet and it was decided I do have enough calcium in my diet.

You can always call the NOS helplines and speak with a nurse which I have heard can be extremely beneficial to those who have just been diagnosed. They also have a good selection of leaflets and information which can be of great help. You can either see these on line or ask for them to be sent to you.

I take K2 as another member mentioned. I buy these on line.

Weight bearing exercise is good so if you are able to walk daily that is an excellent start.

Look after yourself. :)

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The Dexa scan is usual for diagnosing osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Was the specialising consultant a rheumatologist?

It would be useful to know for sure if your spinal fractures / hump back is a result of osteopenia fractures as naturally this will influence your treatment.

Usually the rheumatologist would carry out tests to determine calcium and vitamin D levels among other things. Perhaps you have a follow up appointment when these tests will be carried out, but you can of course ask your GP to have these tests done. Vitamin D3 deficiency needs treating as does any other deficiency.

Do contact the NOS helpline for further help and support, also check out their publications regarding diet exercise and treatments available, living with fractures etc.

Regarding exercise and since you have spinal fractures I would say you need guidance on what exercises would be ok for you to do at this time. Perhaps ask your GP for a referral to a physiotherapist or for hydrotherapy exercise. See what the helpline nurses say, their number top of the page on the link above.

Best wishes Bkin

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Thanks everyone for your help.

I will phone the NOS nurse. The Consultant is trauma & orthopaedics. I have been taking a supplement, which has vitamin D3 and calcium in it, for some time but will mention it to my GP.

I hate diets and exercise!


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