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I have Spondylosis and Osteoporosis. Last x ray 2 years ago revealed Osteophites all down my spine. Recently I have a burning sensation around my hip and lower back. Painkillers don't help. I broke my hip 2 Years ago and walk with a limp that leg is now shorter. Don't like to keep troubling Doctors. Does anyone have any idea what this is. Driving me crazy. Thanks

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  • I'd say contact GP, I'm sure they won't mind, but perhaps over the weekend pop into a local chemist and see if the pharmacist can offer you some advice or meds, hope it works out for you x

  • Thanks. Think I need stronger pain medication.


  • This won't help your current pain, but in the long term - have you checked with a physiotherapist? You would be best off with someone who has had considerable experience dealing with arthritic and osteoporotic patients. My physiotherapist has paid a lot of attention to the x-ray report we got from my doctor, and has even managed to correct some scoliosis I was developing. Sometimes she does what she calls gentle mobilization of the vertebrae and adjoining structure. I don't really understand it all, but it's definitely helped me. But it is a long term thing. I know cost is often an obstacle, but if you can manage a few sessions and guidance on how to carry on your improvement at home, with an occasional visit to keep things on track, I think it could be very helpful.

  • Thank you for that. Think that's what I will try and do. Have spent a lazy day in bed and feel a bit better. Like you say it's long term. Sometimes makes me angry trying to accept it though.


  • I am finding osteo problems a lot harder to deal with than chemo because you are plagued with pain daily. I would try a physio, this has helped me with my hip, I have inflamation there. I do take Naproxen but I am sure your gp wont mind you looking for help with the pain. The people like us who dont like to bother doctors are the ones that actually need to see them.

  • Thank you

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