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Caretaker for new diagnosed HCC

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I am going with her to first visit after lastest scan showed a lesion. It is a LR-5 so as I understand definitely cancer. Wanting to know what some of first questions we should ask! I recently lost my husband to Prostrate cancer so I know it is important to know all you can to make good choices in treatment. She has been under care for Cirrhosis so not sure what this now means.

Thanks in advance for any info you may want to share with me.

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Welcome to the Blue Faery community! Wishing you and your family member the best💙🙏

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You will be such a help with hearing what your friend may miss. Take notes so both of you can reference later. Need to know for sure this is cancer that is primary in the liver. Size and number of liver lesions and liver function all impact treatment options so helpful to know--and is it is confined to the liver....Questions I would ask--Is surgery an option and do you need a surgical consult with a liver specialist to determine? What other treatment options are recommended...there are different ones provided by interventional radiologists and targeted medication/immunotherapy med options. Is your friend a candidate for any of these? My husband had both targeted med and immunotherapy meds and treatment by interventional radiology. Once you have more info re current status of the cancer and the recommended treatment plan, you can research what has been recommended. Best wishes and prayers for your friend's initial consult. Bonnie

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