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Hello everyone I am due to have immunotherapy next week for my liver cancer but I’m also waiting for a blood test to come back for a possible clinical trial so while I’m waiting I wanted to ask if anyone has had TECENTRIQ + Avastin immunotherapy and if anyone has had good results from this particular one such as it shrinking the tumours significantly?

I am very anxious about it and would love to hear from people who have or are currently using this form of immunotherapy.

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My husband was stable on this regimen for 7 months and had no noticeable side effects and felt the best he felt on any of the meds he'd been on. It was the 4th med he tried so it may have worked longer had it been the first but it hadn't been approved yet. His HCC remained confined to his liver during this treatment. Prayers and best wishes for you!!! Bonnie

Thank you bonnie for your message. I am happy to here this form of immunotherapy worked for your husband. Can I ask does that mean the tumour stayed the same size with this drug? I have asked a few people who have said they tried this particular immunotherapy and it stopped it from growing but did not shrink in size which upsets me.

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His stayed the same but eventually his AFP was going up though they were only seeing small spots that were new but couldn’t be sure they were HCC so they changed meds due to the lab AFP increasing. staying the same with HCC is a good thing !! He had the best response with shrinking of tumor with Y90.. but keep in mind the immunotherapy drug work differently for different people and there are some people that have really significant response so don’t be discouraged by other people’s experience!!! Hope this helps!!!

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Hi Valentina, I had multiple liver tumors in February, 2021. I started Tecentriq + Avastin & all the tumors shrunk by August, 2021. I had embolization in August, 2021 and then resumed the T+A to ensure the tumors don't return. As of today, June,2022, I continue to be on T+A .I had a very positive response to this treatment . I wish you the best in recovery. Teri

Hello terri I am so very happy to hear it has responded well to you. I have liver cancer but it’s metasised to my lungs, so currrently my liver is fine. So I don’t know if it is considered the same but it is still liver cancer that is in the lungs so I hope I respond similar to you. Thank you so much for your message you have given me some hope when I have only heard everyone else say it stopped it from growing not shrinking so thank you 🙏

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