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Upcoming Procedure

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Jimmy went to see GI yesterday because his regular Dr felt he had fluid built up in stomach. He's scheduled for procedure to pull fluid off this Thursday. His liver function and rest of labs are actually ok. Dr says he's holding his own . He's taking a reduced dosage of Lenvima (2tablets) because of side effects and sometimes has to back off for a day or two even at lower dose due to side effects.

Insurance was giving problem about refilling his xifaxan. Wanted the GI to try alternative medicines that are cheaper. Problem is that none actually work for hepatic encephalopathy. Only xifaxan and lactulose are approved for treatment. Luckily the GI got hospital involved and they've got it approved to come from hospital pharmacy and mailed to us. So we're just plugging on and trying to live every day to fullest. Picture is from Jimmy's birthday on September 10th at our favorite Mexican restaurant.


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Sharon, that is such a beautiful photo of you guys! I am typing quickly here because my kids are due to arrive any minute, but I'll be back on tonight. But just to let you know, Dave had paracentesis many, many times and it gave him SO much relief. It was not painful, it was fairly quick, and was outpatient.

Because he was going in weekly to be drained, after about a month he asked about having a Pleurx drain inserted so we could drain the fluid at home. He had that placed July 8 but the VA took a couple weeks to actually send the bottles (it's a process, getting the order placed!) But community care/VA did cover the drain insertion and the supplies, and from then on I drained the fluid for him when he became uncomfortable. So feel free to ask ANY questions you have - as I said, I'll be back on tonight. Wishing you both all the best with this, and also - fabulous news on his liver values! I am so truly happy to hear that. Keeping you both in my heart and my prayers. 💚

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Thank you Wendy. This past year has aged us both so much. I stopped coloring my hair because just didn't take time and it's totally gray. Jimmy hates it though so I need to do something with it. He's over half Native American so he's hardly had any gray in his hair until recently. Beautiful long black curls. ❤

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