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Covid. 19

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Hello Im sorry about my english its not my language.

Im worried about Covid having HCC myself. My son in law is off shool because he was in touch with one kid in shool whos was tested positive . He has to stay 2 weeks at home . Hes parents are both working so he is coming to us . Strange here on the Island. Kids have to stay at home but parents can go to work ?? Anyway Im really worried now. It's to late to change because my wife could not say no so she already picked him up. Has anyone experience with covid and HCC. Has anybody had covid with HCC. All tips how to take care off this problem helps.

Greetings from Portugal


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Standard safety protocols per CDC are your best bet. If possible, get him his own room for the quarantine period - and have him wear a mask + frequent hand washing any time he must be out of it.

The best thing is to try to prevent getting it at all, even with the increased risk of a pre-existing condition.

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Thank you very much. Most helpful. Will do ! Thanks for that quick respond. Im on panic mood. Thanks


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