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Stomach pain beyond tolerable for several months

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I have HCC - my question does anyone have serious stomach problems. My stomach hurts so bad whenever I try to eat and my food tastes funny . I just had y90 done 2 weeks ago and tumor ablation over a year ago. I’m open to anything . I have ascites drained off my pleura (lungs) 3 liters each time 3 times a week

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Had liver resection Aug 2020. I have just now started to experience serious stomach pain that comes and goes. It hits hard, stays for a while then goes away, only to come back when I least expect it. It does not seem to be related to meal time for me. I was stage 4, Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma. All margins were clear of cancer at surgery and with follow scan in

December 2020 and mostly in April 2021. In April there was a line they couldn't differentiate stating it could be scare tissue or a recurrence of the cancer. Next scan July 2021. I'm able to eat within reason without problems. I'm anxious to see that the next scan shows. Good luck to you. I'd mention to my doctor and see what he has to say about your issues. Try eating with plastic utensils and paper plates which sometimes helps to get that bad taste out of your mouth. Also suck on peppermints and drink Ensure mixed with ice cream. The cold seemed to block the bad taste from my mouth. Best of luck as you go through this ordeal. God Bless.

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Hi are you taking anything to protect your stomach like omeprazole? I had y 90 back in November and I was on Omeprazole for 3 months to protect my stomach from the radiation and it helps a lot with the stomach pain. Are you taking a probiotic? Did they give you any anti-nausea medication? Lemon honey ginger drops. You can get them on Amazon. If you have any further questions let me know God bless Jeff

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Hi! Sorry you are feeling like this. My dad had 2 Y90s and said the same exact thing. The doctors tell him it's par for the course and they suggested ibuprofen, tylenol and percocet. My dad says none really do the trick but the percocet helps a bit. As for the food, he also says the same and is still, three months post the second Y90, complaining of same. No doctor seems to have a solution. I wish you well and hope you feel better soon!

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LAA21Caregiver in reply to LAA21

I just saw the post above suggesting Omeprazole. My dad was prescribed that after his Y90 and never took it. Seeing that post, I think I will tell him to start taking that too. Good luck!

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Hello Eastwolf,I'm so sorry! GI issues are common after cancer treatment and often much worse when the person has GI cancer, especially liver cancer. Our livers process everything we eat. The best thing to do is -- be kind to your liver. Don't make it work very hard. What are you eating? Have you asked to see a nutritionist or dietitian? Are you sticking to foods that are easily digestible? I'm happy to point you in the right direction.


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EastwolfPatient in reply to AndreaWilson_Founder

Hi Andrea - and all. The stomach pain is been with me prior to any treatments. I am on pantaprazole and have been for over 7 years when I was fighting Hep C - I cleared the virus about 3 years ago but the stomach pain remains. I get some relief taking IBS MEDICINE with OxyContin and Tylenol. The dr is now reluctant to give me anymore OxyContin. I wish I could rid myself of it but the doctors are clueless what to do.

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Hello. I hope some of your stomach pain has resolved by now. We discovered my husband's HCC during CT he received when he went to ER for stomach pain. He has had cirrhosis and hep C since the 90's and has dealt with stomach pain off and on since then. Along the way, chronic pancreatitis and diverticulitis was added. Since December of 2020, the stomach pain has been a constant. Not sure if it's from the cancer or just due to his cirrhosis but he hurts from bottom of stomach up to his chest. Then once occasional nausea has also become a constant. He received deb-Tace in March 2021 but pain and nausea preceded that. He's lost around 60 pounds since March because he has no appetite. He's on a low dose of oxycodone plus Zofran or Phenergan and says pain stays at about a 7 constantly.

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