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I was diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder cancer in February, 2020. I am told there is no cure. I am currently on my second line of chemo . On maintenance 5fu. Foundation I testing shows no targeted mutations . Currently my labs are good. I have more energy and am hoping for a future. My mission is remission.

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A positive mindset can go a long way!


Go for cure, for sure... Sister!!!

Hello Juliet,

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo! Has the cancer spread to your liver? How come they haven't removed your gallbladder? (I'm assuming because you're in stage four.) Have you researched clinical trials and if not, do you need assistance?

~Andrea Wilson Woods, President and Founder



I had my gallbladder removed ( lap cholecystectomy last November. In January I started having lower abdominal pain. In February finally got into a Gastroenterologist. Had a ct scan done it showed Mets to my liver and lymph. It was hard to believe because I had no signs of cancer on my ct in November. So I went to the cancer treatment center in Chicago. They reviewed my slides and said my cancer was missed on my path report. I started chemo there. Had a repeat ct scan in May and failed the first line of chemo. I started my second line of chemo in June. My last 2 ct scans have shown a decrease in the size of my lesions in my liver. I have been told there is no cure for my cancer. I would love to be eligible for immunotherapy. I did not have any targeted mutations on my foundation 1 test. Thank you so much for listening. University of Michigan told me they may have a clinical trial for me once I fail my chemo. Thanks again. Julie

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