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Does anyone recommend Losartan or Ace inhibitors?

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I have issues with Amlodipine: anxiety, dizziness, insomnia. weight gain, exhaustion and have cut down to 2.5 mg with some improvement. Not sure if some of this is pandemic related anyway but have had amlodipine for over a year now and would like to try something else. My current readings are around 135/78.

does anyone have better experiences with Ace inhibitors such a ramipril or lisonipril? I was reluctant to try them as they can cause coughing!

The other one i would like to hear about is Losartan - any adverse effects?

I had a phone consultation with gp last year and he wanted me to take statins. not sure why and am reluctant to start a new medication with side effects when i already have issues with the BP meds! Not happy without a proper face to face discussion- thought I’d wait for that but it’s not happening any time soon. Anyone else been out on those abs how do they feel?

thanks for your comments in advance!

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Hello bonnythecat.I’ve been on lacidipine and lisonopril for eleven years.

About four years ago my lipids were at the upper end of normal so my doc persuaded me to take a statin. I insisted it has to be the statin where you’re allowed to have grapefruit juice and can take it in the morning - some of them have to be evening.

I’ve had no side effects from any.

Thanks happyrosie, glad to hear the statins don’t affect you - i was concerned that side effects may include weight gain and i have already gained nearly a stone since going on amlodipine. Not helped by lockdown comfort eating! I love grapefruit juice so would be interested to know which statin you take?cheers!

I take Atoravastin. Its not the one that GPs reach for first, but my pharmacist (who advised me on this) told me its roughly the same price so the surgery should be quite happy to prescribe this one rather than the usual one. Remembering that they are under pressure to watch the costs of their prescriptions.

Morning. If you read my blog you will see I’ve had quite a bumpy ride these last few months working with my GP to find a tolerable bp medication. I am now on Lisinopril (6th one!) and after a couple of weeks feeling dizzy and a slight cough I am now managing to stick with it. I do feel tired by late afternoon, I take mine at night around 9.30/10.00pm which helped with dizziness. Amlopodine gave me face flushing and itching. Lercanipidine acute indigestion and acid reflux. Lorsartan swollen face and lips.

Best wishes I do sympathise 😔

Thank you. i might try Lisinopril or ramipril and see how I go. i was so anxious last year that I would develop a cough with it and think 🤔 had Covid. or worse, put the cough down to meds and then find I really had Covid! I also hate feeling dizzy but i already feel a bit light headed sometimes on the amlodipine and my balance is poor. sometimes I feel I am going to topple forward which is unnerving. Anyone else experience this effect? Take care.

I tried a few, each time I had effects, but realised there were other options. GP seemed to dismiss side effect saying it will settle down. My advice is try for a month, relax eat well and see if you settle. If not explain your side effects and ask for change. I'm on Losartan now and feel settled. I understand that some cost a bit more and so are a second line, rather than cheaper first line medications.Also I'm off caffeine and cut out a lot of added rubbish in ingredients lists. I think these helped too along with exercise. I go around large car park in my wheelchair for 30 mins, during morning daylight.

Hope you find the best one for you soon . Take care.

Thank you for your advice - will ask to try the losartan if thing don’t improve. Take care.

hi, have been taking losarton for over 10 years with no side effects.

I have been taking Losartan 50mg for many years without any side effects

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Thank’s, I may ask to try it. 👍

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