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My experience with BP

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My hypertension is of the inherited variety:

I suffered a hypertension crisis mid November 2020; to cut a long shaggy dog story short I am on 10mg Amlodopine and 2.5mg Ramipril with 10mg of Atorvastatin for good measure so far with few side effects.

To say that my BP was coming down gradually even grudgingly is no understatement; I threw everything at it: fitness, weight control, diet, kyolic garlic etc. etc. and still the readings remained disconcertingly high not far short of hypertensive crisis levels; I wondered if I had resistant hypertension?

Even though I only drank decaf and enjoyed dark chocolate I decided to totally eliminate caffeine from my diet and stopped measuring my BP for a week to let my system clear of caffeine; as a result my BP plummeted to a much more reasonable 122/64 for example this morning; my resting heart rate has dropped from 75-80 to 60-65.

I don't believe that I am the only individual in the world that responds so adversely to caffeine; perhaps it may be worthwhile you trying to see if it has any significant BP benefits?

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I have to say I’ve never heard that caffeine could have such a marked effect! I drink one small cup of espresso a day.Saying that everyone is different - you’ve just proved it!

Nor had I Happyrosie but as you say we are all different, I knew that caffeine can cause arteries to constrict but I didn’t know how much; of course I still am unsure as to the extent of my caffeine adversity or that caffeine interfered with the efficacy of my BP drugs, I strongly suspect both.

Thanks, I'll try your suggestion when I can find a good time. Might take a while as I find caffeine acts like an anti-depressant and abrupt withdrawal not only produces brief period of headaches but also has an adverse effect on mood and motivation.

I do understand that going cold turkey with caffeine can give you undesirable side effects, good luck if/when you decide to go for it.

So good to hear from someone else who had inherited hypertension. I have 5 sisters and each of us developed high B/P in our 50ies . Never been overweight, eat well & always exercise. Unfortunately u can’t outwit your genes. Mostly mine is controlled but occasionally I get spikes really quickly if I am feeling worried. I have period of worrying about my B/P- irrational I know . Fantastic that your numbers are so good. I don’t drink coffee very often but I’m a teapot....couldn’t imagine giving it up. Great post. I take Ramipril 10mg & Diltiziem 180SR

Brisk 61, that’s me exactly, inherited high bp, all my siblings the same, I take lercanidipine 10 mg, I think this is a calcium channel blocker, I find when I take readings repeadly, it can spike, tried giving up tea but side effects were too much! I think stress with current lockdown isn’t helping!!Bern

It isn't easy giving up tea and coffee particularly when you are in a social situation where your friends and family are all drinking one or the other, of course I will have an occasional decaf tea or coffee but I have to remember not to take a BP reading soon after, it may be that you aren't reacting to caffeine as I clearly do; take care.

Great to know someone else with the inherited type. I feel lucky it can be controlled but sometimes there is no escaping it. I agree about stress it definitely send mine shooting up, must better now since I retired from a stressful work life. Lots of good wishes your way. 🙂

That’s good, I also took early retirement in August, still had big spike at Christmas, think stress plays a part currently,

I gave up tea and coffee admittedly very reluctantly and had a mild side effect of light headedness but at least my readings justify my sacrifice, hope you are keeping well

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