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Ramipril 10mg Amlodipine 10mg

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I am taking both medicines every day, my blood pressure around 140/90, do I need to change to a different medication? I am taking these medicines for over 8 months.

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What does your doctor say? Maybe a change of medication would help or perhaps introducing a third type of meds.

I didn't speak to the Dr yet. Getting more information before seeing the Dr

Ah I see.Well 140/90 is a bit higher than you might like but since you have maxed both ramipril and amlodipine probably a third drug is the way forward.Have you made some lifestyle changes in light of your bp? The blood pressure association has lots of suggestions on their site.Of course you may find that other drugs work better for you but only a doctor can help with that.Hope it all goes well.

Thank you so much, doing a regular walk etc.

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They do say that exercise helps to reduce the BP.

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You may need to add in different classes of medication such as a diuretic or alpha blocker. I am on the same dose of the two medications that you are on and also on bendroflumethiazide and doxazosin. The latter also helps with my enlarged prostate.

Rampril is an ACE inhibitor and Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker. They are in two different classes. I do not know what your objective is other than having a lower blood pressure. ARBs are a newer class of drugs than ACE inhibitors, and are stated to have less side effects. You might want to read up on ARBs if you are considering a change. Definitely have such a discussion with your doctor because I am not one, and I am not trying to give any medical advice.

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Thanks very much. I will discuss with Dr about ARBs

If you are coping with the side effects ok I would not change . I would be very happy if I had your blood pressure , James

I met my GP yesterday and he prescribed Indapamide 1.5 mg, am I able to continue to take Ramipril 10mg with Indapamide 1.5 mg and Amlodipine 10 mg? Or should I stop taking Ramipril?

You have to have faith you are being given the best advice but if it doesn't work for you go back to GP

if the side effects are not too bad stick with them . 14o/90 is a lot better than mine

Hi Rasalie, I am almost identical in relation to the medicines you are taking / being recommended.

I started taking 10mg Ramipril and 10mg Amlodipine for the last 8 months as my previous BP was around 170/115 ish. My BP stabilised around 140/90 for a while.

The doctor recommended in November last year for Indapamide to be added, just a small dose. I asked to wait as I was losing weight and changing my diet.

I now average around 132 / 85 a week and have still not added the Indapimide. The doctor said my lower number will fall below 85 if I add the third but I am going to wait for a few months.

Personally even if it is 85 average I am not too worried.

How about you, did you add the Indapimide and did it make a difference?

140/90 seems perfect to me now what do u gain by taking more pills to bring it down 18 and 5 points are you going to live longer, healthier no one knows but you might get more side effects,

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