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BP 199/191.Go to Drs or A & E ? :

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I've had high BP for nearly 20 years, since I was 27. Just recently it has been spiking and I've been having niggling chest pains and chest tightness on and off. I've also been feeling breathless and my hands and feet have been swelling.

Went to see my GP yesterday who has referred me to a hypertension clinic.

I didn't tell him about my chest pains as I hadn't had them for a few weeks.

That was until last night when they started again ! πŸ™„

I was told to do home BP readings until my referral comes through and if my readings go above 160/100 then to contact Dr and he will add yet another tablet to the 3 I already take.

And yes you guessed it, my reading this morning was well over the said amount.

It was actually 199/191 😒

So my question is -

Do I ring my Dr as he said or do I cut out the middleman and go straight to A and E ?

Would really appreciate kind replies.

Thank you in anticipation.

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Debra, ring for the paramedics to take you to A&E especially as you are having chest pain as well as the very high BP. And that is what the GP would be likely to advise as well, or should! My systolic got as high as 260. Unrecordable on my monitor but 111 advised calling paramedics who recorded the reading with their sphygmomanometer and took me to A&E. They added another BP pill and monitored me overnight. I have resistant high BP. On another occasion with chest pain, a GP sent me to A&E pronto with Fax sent ahead. That turned out to be a worsening of a leaky valve with regurgitation into the lungs and I was admitted for 5 days. Never ignore chest pain - it needs immediate action.

Good luck!

Hypertension clinics tend to have a very long waiting time and are not very frequent. The one I go to in Brighton is very good but only there one afternoon a week with two consultants.

I hope you went to A&E Debra24.Mine was 244/133 when I went after normal bp before that.Chest pain should be checked out too.

Hope things are sorted, that you are getting help. I had them confuddled with spikes over 275/160. sustained on a tilt table, which meant referral to a hypertensive specialist. Mine is hyperadrenergic postural tachycardia syndrome. Its a form of dysautonomia. There are several that are not linked to essential hypertension but people with them often end up on all sorts of meds before they are tested properly.

Dysautonomia international is worth a look as is POTS UK. Its the latter especially if your HR rises more than 30bpm, from lying down to standing, sustained by 10 minutes. Hyperadrenergic types get a rise in BP too. The condition is postural and spikes and falls can happen along with other things because its the para/sympathetic nervous system not working properly. So although standing is used as a diagnostic tool, the random and increased release of noradreneline and adrenaline can happen at any time for any reason.

In the world of dysautonomia it is thought that more young people with difficult to treat hypertension, along with some other conditions may infact, be hyperadrenergic.

Good luck


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