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Uncontrolled blood pressure


After taking many different meds I’m currently without any due to them not working, having severe side effects and I’m due to start my second round of IVF so I am limited to only a few that I have tried. Not sure what I can do now as I’m being told until I see a consultant they won’t give me anything. Anyone else been in this position that can give me some advice on what I can do? I eat healthily, not overweight but at the minute struggling to exercise as my heart rate rises too much I feel really ill.

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What is your bp? Can you manage a gentle walk without a drastic pulse rise?

My BP is around 176/104 average. I can manage a walk but anything more makes me feel awful.

Which meds have you tried? I've not had IVF but I know it is stressful.How are you dealing with that? As a worrier I know how that can have a huge effect on your heart rate and bp. I see you've had high bp for twenty years.I complain enough about getting it in my mid fifties.I do hope they find something that helps.

Hawthorn berry tea can help with blood pressure. I heard about it from Barbara O'Neill and thought I'd give it a go. It does work as long as you are drinking it regularly and monitoring your BP. There is plenty of info about it on the internet. Just a thought, could it be the drugs you are on for IVF that are causing your blood pressure problems

I’ll have a look at that, thank you.

I’m currently not having any drugs at the moment as we start again in January. I’ve had high BP for about 20 years now but with all the med changes and now none it’s getting worse.

I have been there N4ttie couldn't start ivf meds for months last year as we were trying to reduce my blood pressure. Finally Nifedipine and labetalol helped. But Drs still concerned about high blood pressure during pregnancy....

I'll google up the Hawthorn berry tea and hope it's pregnancy friendly

Beet juice is amazing!

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