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Anyone take their pressures in both arms

I always take my pressure in both arms. My wife's pressure is much higher in her right arm. It's also higher when lying down. Below is a log of her pressures from 2017

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you need to see the doctor with blood pressure that high and also the high pulse rate.

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I just replied to someone above about this but will add, you need to consider that she has the blood pressure around her heart checked at a specialist centre, not the pressure in her arm. This will give a true reading but, like me, do the sitting standing lying. Also she needs investigating properly. My initial results all showed that I was negative to any problems in the cardio world, until they actually looked at the tests themselves. Because what they look for is bog standard essential hypertension. According to NICE, they should check each arm, then if that is out they should also check legs. If there are major differences, other investigations should be done the first is usually ambulatory monitoring. But those results should be investigated and the lower ones, as with mine indicate its not essential hypertension.

I have been through everything to be my advocate on this because causes outside of the norm do not spring to anyones mind. When you point them out they are more than glad you did, as long as they can see it in the tests they have carried out. So get the tests done by hook or by crook. 24 hr Amb monitoring, echocardiogram, tilt table as minimum. Start with asking for an active standing sitting test at your GPs.

Good luck


She had her Venous pressure taken and it also was extremely elevated the highest in her cephalic vein in her right arm. Was 110mmhg.

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What are they doing about it? Although its a natural assumption that venous pressure would be high if arterial blood pressure is high. Your whole system is high. It does not mean its always high. Did they do a tilt table or a basic lying sitting standing, its very important. Also has she been referred to a specialist centre that investigates complex hypertension. My referral has finally gone off, usual admin glitch. X


OK just had a look at your previous posts. Looks like your wife is an ongoing pet project for you so I am not sure why you are posting about her at all. I just hope she is actually OK.

Wife's bp over 400!



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