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Hi all... i was put on Amlodipine 10mg or high bp 3 months ago. I am 49 and never had high bp before. I have been monitoring it over the last few weeks and its around 150/93 ... this morning it was 191/112 ... i am waiting for a call back from docs and wondering if anyone has any advice on meds... higher Amlodipine or add on or maybe try something else... Thank you in advance for any help xx

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it doesnt look like this one is working for you im on amlodapine at first it was 5mg and now its up to 10mg, thankfully working for me but iv lost weight and am much more active that when i started the 10mg dose. see what the doctor has to say, try not to worry as your doing something about it there are people walking around who have blood pressure even highter than you and they dont know because they havent been checked. its long term untreated high blood pressure that is more dangerous its good that you have phoned your gp and they can get this sorted. all the very best. hope you get on fine please let me know, love gracexoxoxo


They usually prefer to add another low dose of an alternative medication rather than prescribe higher doses of just one medication these days. There was a programme on the radio about high BP a couple of days ago, and one Dr mentioned that Amlodipine worked well generally but she found that patients often experienced ankle swelling when the dose was increased from 5mg to 10mg.

You may find that your earlier increased BP was just a blip so try not to worry. As Grace had said “there are people walking around whose blood pressure is even higher”. Unfortunately, I am one such person as my BP has suddenly become resistant to medication and is alarmingly high. I was only taking one BP drug (Losartan) as I’ve had horrendous side effects from many of the alternatives. Another drug was added at high dose in a hospital environment several weeks ago but has proved unsuccessful, so Amlodipine was added last week together with a diuretic to counteract leg swelling. Don’t know if it is having any effect but will find out next week. Not taking it at home as it’s too distressing to see the reading.

I’m in just 0.1% of the population in this situation so you are definitely unlikely to have a similar problem. Until your Dr introduces another medication, drink plenty of water and avoid as much salt in your diet as possible. Good luck!


I'm not medical trained but i believe that taking more than one bp med at lower doses reduced the side effects and is just as effective in controling bp. Today's reading is quite high are you very stessed is anything different to have raised it. Good luck.


I was on 5mg of Amlodopine and when it was increased to 10 I didn't see any improvement and had swollen ankles. My doctor put me back on 5mg an put me on Ramipril as well. This has worked for me. I take the Amlodopine in the morning and then take the Ramipril at night.


hi 49 mention to your gp a drug called coversal -plus very effective in controlling in conjunction with amlodpine best of luck ed


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