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Just found out

Hello. I just found out I have high blood pressure (hypertension level) I guess I have had HBP for a while. It was always on and off and doctors didn’t seem to concerned. I am a female in 30’s. Not over weight and very small frame. I did have a lot of headaches in clusters. Even Tylenol would not get rid of them. Never thought that blood pressure was that bad.

Just started taking medication and changed diet dramatically and started a workout regiment. Already lost weight first week of this change. And have not had a headache since been on medication. My kidneys took a bit of A hit. My creatinine levels are high but potassium, calcium, and sodium all in normal range.

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and how to help manage my blood pressure better.

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Hi Anan - I have HBP too, but I have gone back to taking Cayenne with the hopes that it will help drop it back into place. So far it seems to be working. I get cayenne capsules and take three twice a day. So far in the 12 days since I restarted it, I have not been over one time. Once I start getting low, I'll try cutting it in half, etc. Just one bit of caution: when you first start this, go slowly because it can burn coming out the other end if you know what I mean. You body adjusts within a few days and you can increase the dose. Like maybe start with one capsule once a day, etc.

Let me know if you decide to try it and how it does for you, if you do. I used to take cayenne every day and never had a problem, but got sidetracked, and ended up on Benicar / Olmesartan.. Best of luck with your quest!


Have you discovered what the reason is for your elevated blood pressure? I worry that taking something that reduces it may mask serious problems? As if blood pressure is the body's way of alerting you to a problem? What is your doctor's reaction to cayenne?


Well, not sure why it is up - probably my weight, which is pretty much always a problem due to conditions and medications (I've been on steroids in some form for 30 years and they make it really difficult to lose weight.)

The cayenne doesn't mask the cause, it help resolve the issue. If you search for Using Cayenne for High Blood Pressure you will get a lot of results - most of them anecdotal I believe. But I know for a fact that it works for me. As for my doc - she is fine with it. It is not a medicine - cayenne is a food. So, unless you are allergic to it, it is certainly safer than commercial medications.

I just discovered yesterday that I am having a reaction to Benicar - I have already had one to Norvasc, so that is a little concerning. It will be interesting to see if my doc will allow me to replace the Benicar with the cayenne as long as I monitor / report / and tell her if it is going up so we can try something else.


Thank you definitely will try!


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