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Just looking for some advice really ...

My mum is 74 she has had high bp for 20 years and been on tablets successfully. However just recently she’s been having funny turns..sweating chest pressure and headaches with really bad nausea.

After arriving at the hosp her blood pressure was 232/125,had all the tests,ecg,bloods,X-rays and everything’s normal .her bp then starts to fall but these funny turns happen every few days so we have been in hospital 4 times in the last 4 weeks but the doctors are scratching their heads..... she feels rubbish and it’s getting her really low.

Any similar stories?


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sorry i cant help but its great that your looking after you Mum. I do hope that they get to the bottom of this for her. Its good news that everything is normal just the same but worrying at the same that they dont know whats going on. wishing you bothe well, love grace xoxo

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Jojo, that sounds like a similar story to me. My BP climbed to 260 systolic in both arms just recently and I have just come out of hospital after my second admission in the last couple of weeks. This second visit was to admit me to a renal unit as I have low kidney function and kidney function had to be monitored for effects whilst being put on additional high dose BP medication. In my case, it may be due to kidney function upsetting the BP and vice versa but if that was the case of your Mum I would have thought it would show up in the blood tests. Has she considered going to one of the hypertension clinics dotted around the country (if you are in the UK)? That might provide an answer if all else fails. Meanwhile, she is blessed to have you looking out for her. Good luck.


Hi Celtic, have not heard of hypertension clinics, I live in Yorkshire, any here.


Just google 'Hypertension referral centre' and a link will appear. They are part of Kidney units and most only have a half day a week for hypertension patients so be prepared for a long wait. It is possible that your GP may not have heard of them either.

I've been going to one for about five years and still have peaks like your mother. They go back to quite low after a while.

Consultant did every test and scan in the book and concluded that I'm not truly hypertensive and just have peaks and because of that I get more than normal side effects because of that and meds lower it too much.

I'm 84 and it has been like that for 18 years. Initially I was over medicated. He says that cardiologists are very clever people and do things that he cannot do but they don't understand BP as he does.


Maybe a change in her pressure meds is called for. I too had my pressure pills stop working and my pressure skyrocketed to 276/220!

Try to find a hypertension specialist.


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