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Feeling sleepy after eating

I am 74 and take perindopril for BP. Otherwise am pretty healthy my only problem which appeared before I took the BP meds is that after every meal or even a sandwich I immediately want to sleep. Even after breakfast, following a night's sleep, I want to sleep. I try to fight it and sometimes succeed but if the feeling overwhelms me I sleep for at least 2 hours and feel horrible when I awake. I would be grateful for any thoughts and similar experiences?

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Sounds like you are insulin resistant, producing high amounts of insulin to cope with what you eat, which then makes you sleepy.

It's hard to get your head around that what you've been eating for a lifetime has gradually eroded your metabolism.

You need to eat less insulin stimulating food insulinandmore.com/2018/01/...

Still enjoy what you eat, but not necessarily everything you previously enjoyed.

Follow an ICS-NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme approach; Mediterranean, low-carb, and/or intermittent fasting.


Thank you very much for this comment. i have been on and off diets my whole life and I did wonder about this effect. What you have said makes eminent sense. I do not eat junk food and eat lots of vegetables and chicken with porridge for breakfast. However in size 16 to 18 nowadays I have certainly put weight on. I don't eat bread because of IBS but I do enjoy all things dairy.


If you've followed the advice to cut fat from your meat and have lower fat versions of dairy, they're steps in the wrong direction I'm afraid as you can see from the link I included.

The Mediterranean approach includes 2 or 3 portions of full-fat dairy, and 4 to 8 portions of natural fat, avoiding processed vegetable oils. The balance consists of 5 to 9 portions of fruit and veg (mainly berries and/or non-starchy veg), 2 or 3 portions of protein, and 4 to 8 portions of low Gi carbohydrates glycemicindex.com/about.php

The low carb has 5 to 10 portions of natural fat, 0 to 4 portions of low Gi carbohydrates.

Good luck!


Thank you very much!!


You might find this 8 minute video interesting


That's really interesting! I was going to say that perhaps you had a food intolerance, but I suppose that could be tied in to being insulin Resistant as well. After reading what you said it is similar to an anti-inflammatory diet I follow for my many food intolerances.

Hc75, if you try the insulin-resistance diet Concerned mentioned and find it isn't helping, you might look into a possible food or environmental intolerance. It could be possible that you have an intolerance to chicken, or if you aren't buying organic fruits and veggies, it could be to the pesticides or chemicals used on them during the farming process.

The thing about intolerances is that they can develop over time or show up if you begin eating a lot of the food. I used to fall asleep after eating for many years similar to what you have described until I got my food intolerances under control.


Thank you Zazzel I will certainly bear the possibility of food intolerance in mind. It is certainly true that over the past few years I have twice had reactions to some antibiotics, swelling and rashes and have noticed that certain favourite foods, like onion and mushrooms, in addition to cauliflower and sprouts give me toilet problems. I seem to be less tolerant of so many things lately. Very unusual for someone who was only ever in hospital to give birth! I do eat homegrown produce and avoid sweetners etc

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I read some articles about magnesium and always cautious about supplements I asked my pharmacist who, knows me well and suggested I took a daily supplement. Although I have a healthy diet she suggested I was not getting the daily 325- dose I needed (approx) I have been taking this supplement now for the past 10 days and heaven be praised I no longer need to sleep after a meal, the urge simply isn't there now. Not keen to self diagnose but this simple supplement seems really to be working (hope its not placebo affect!)


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