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Functional Medicine for hypertension and other cardiac issued

Hi I‘d like to connect with people interested or experienced in solving hypertension (not just managing with drugs) . This is sometimes known as functional medicine . It addresses root causes of ill health which are nominally in three areas i) nutritional deficiencies or excesses, ii) environmental and food toxins, and iii) infections. (yes, I remember how amazed I was when I first read this theory, but now to me it is obvious and puts a lot of influence back in tje patients hands rather than relying on pharmaceuticals.)

Current query in this line is how to wean off calcium channel blockers and replacing with nutraceuticals


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Hello recently I saw a video on YouTube regarding bp. The lady has bring down her bp and first advice by her is relaxation. Relaxed with everything be it home children outside office anything u shd relax don't try to change anyone don't argue keep itself calm. It will have good effect on ur bp.


thx for replying, yes, I know stress etc has a big effect. I‘m a big fan of mindfulness.


helen iput in a post some months back regarding alternative ways of dealing with hypertinsion re hawthorn extract ------there was nobody interested in the subject so i didnt go any further with it it appears that 99% of people suffering from this problem are happy with their main line drugs regards eddie

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Hi Eddie, I shall look for your post. Thx for replying. Why do you think it is that there‘s little interest? Do people not wonder why their bodies ‚broke‘ a bit? And the belief that humans need drugs for ‚rest of life‘....? I don‘t get it...

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helen ok just one eg i had lately with my local gp on the previous meeting another doc said she would be reducing my tabs by 2 i am on 6 small doses of heart drugs after stents in 2015 and 1 in 2016 i put it to my gp on the second visit 4 mts later that the privous meetin the doctor said she would be reducing the tabs his reply was you know this is a matter of life and death???? we will see so you will get my drift we have only 1 life in this side i told my doc i was on cq10 --------- magnesium --------l-argerine -------vitiman b 12 daily his view was that these companies make collasal profits from guys like me buying these products i feel myself that people after a heart event they have very little or almost nil choice after all if you get a heart attack who do u go to your counsellor ----herbalist or doctor the years get shorter when your 55 or 56 -----------maybe your talking prevention thats my view eddie

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Hi there,

I found your post... healthunlocked.com/blood-pr...

One problem I know of with hawthorn, is that it interacts with a lot of prescription drugs (because of the way it is metabolised - the CYP enzymes in the liver). So, its tricky, I think to use once already on drugs, but as a first measure to keep hypertension under control, this wouldn't be an issue. Taking it together with the drugs could mean that the drugs are cleared less easily from body, so it would be like having a higher dose (and effect and side effects)

Actually, its my father who has been on endless drugs with cardiac / hypertension / heart attack / stents etc. We have researched a lot and found a lot of ideas - but, as you say, only one life etc... so slowly slowly, and certainly no drastic changes in drugs, but quite a few have been slowly weaned off already. I had health issues with thyroid and have adopted many alternative supplement and lifestyle changes and only needed prescription drugs for a short while.

I think some supplements from some suppliers are pricey, however a lot are available as powder form and are considerably cheaper. And, shopping around means not paying the earth. There are some functional medicine doctors in the states who do seem sometimes on the sales/marketing trail, but on the other hand.... how much money do the pharamceutical companies make!

I am an engineer by training and the functional medicine approach to health suits me. It makes sense to me. Prevention is always easier than fixing really broken things, so if one can keep an eye on key test results/blood pressure etc, then vitamin/mineral/herbal supplements can be used as they start to go awry.... but GPs don't tend to say anything is wrong until it is more than a bit wrong (the point at which the prescription comes out, and probably the last point at which it is most easy to use nutrient/herbal supplements - because the drugs deplete the body of nutrients, and the best herbal things seem to interact CYP-wise with the drugs.

I might post a compendium of useful sites/resources.... never know who it might help when, etc. I also believe that people need to be at the right time/place to read and take in information.

The cholesterol/statin thing is controversial, someone recommended a book to me. I think CoQ10 and Magnesium are good.... L-Carnitine good for heart muscle, Taurine is a great one for BP (gets electrolytes in right place naturally), Vit D being in range, and daily Vit K2 too, for having calcium deposited where it should be and not where it shouldn't. Blood sugar is terrible for inflammation etc - a stint on low-carb diet is good for that and rectifying diabetic tendencies, but not long term. Oh, and the diet-heart-myth (that actually, saturated fats are ok, even good - Chris Kresser wrote about this recently). Thyroid function impacts on cholesterol clearance and this is often sub-optimal (but the NHS ranges for blood test results are too wide, and this is not picked up on/corrected. I know folate is depleted terribly by some calcium channel blockers, we got this tested and it was really low (again, by an optimal range, not the NHS range) so supplementing MTHF avoids risk/symptoms of deficient folate.

The next step for my father though, is likely this weaning down of the calcium channel blocker..

Really keen on conversing with others interested in these other ways to optimal health....

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People believe doctors blindly I have tried a few ways to manage mine with foods I was doing well then I ate foods I normally don’t eat like salami dips and crackers with salt on them and fancy cheeses in one weekend my no was up way high again diet is important but to hard to manage tablets are easier this is the real problem laziness I hate pills and will try again control of my foods is the answer

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Thx for replying. It is tough staying off foods. I try to eat Paleo... but do wander sometimes. But, that you have found that your BP reduces when you eat a certain way is brilliant. Do you know these papers... there are three parts, here's the link to the first part onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi...

Do you know this DASH diet? I don't. Herbal supplements often interact with drugs - go easy there (or avoid, or get expert advice) - but the vitamins and minerals are often OK. I think without a good practicioner, one really has to follow one's own body etc. As you doing so well with foods already, you probably wouldn't feel phased by this book "The Perfect Health Diet", by Paul Jaminet - (much more than diet in here... its all about optimal health and balance of nutrients macro and micro level) Its my go to book a lot of the time.


helen you surely have done a lot of research on this subject and it all makes sense i find it very interesting reading yes you are right about the hawthorn its mainly for heart disease before the big event happens ------you know what i mean-----and before the muli -drugs the cardio prescribes i buy all my herbal or alternative meds from h-b arrett and they dont come cheap in ireland i dont understand about the powder alternative ---------now this you will find interesting i heard that this gentleman went to his gp as his bp was raised the gp put him on two tabs and was told by his doctor to take a lot of exercise walking each day and lose weight he follewed this advice and within 2 yrs this guy was taken off all heat meds but he did lose over 2.5 st---------what i notice about heart disease if a person is retired and has little challenges in the day every day he or she can experiment with alternative treatments its a completley different case for the person in their 40-50 ies in a busy career or a family person they do not have the time for this research as for myself the reason i am interested is i had a tia and i am and was a very fit person one drug i am particulary afraid of is the statin long term use can cause problems i am a strong believer in coq10 it i feel balances the effect of the statins hope the above goes some way in answering you questions ed


Hi there, yes, of course, the time thing.... The 'other' information is not so easy to come by. Private functional medicine practitioners and blood tests are expensive too..

And, I'm starting to think that most folk don't believe/appreciate as I do, that the drugs are toxic, and will cause some other problem in a body and will not make a person 'better'. People take the drugs for life for the most part and I guess a lot of folk don't see anything wrong with that. So, don't go looking for an alternative.

This is the book about Cholesterol /statins that was recommended... drmalcolmkendrick.org/books...

My mother just told me that the GP told her that her BP was high... she started on taurine and it's down already......

These are two sites I often use to buy powder supplements (some are in capsule form etc but I find usually cheaper with fewer fillers than most). Bulk Powders bulkpowders.co.uk/ and Pheonix Nutrition phoenixnutrition.com/

all the best...

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Hi I would be interested. On 2 meds and want to come of them


Hi - Thanks for replying. What/how much are you on? Actually, its my father, not me on the meds. What have you done so far?

We started by trying to optimise other nutrition.... The Perfect Health Diet book is my standby for paleo-type diet and basic supplement regime (for everyone). So, not completely low carb (unless temporarily trying to rectify blood sugar), but definitely not as much carb as in a standard diet, using saturated healthy fats and avoiding seed oil fats, avoiding grains and other toxic foods.

Would ideally have done some heavy metal detox, but too many things interact with the drugs... I like the idea of this medicalmedium.com/blog/heav... I tried it myself but need to get back to it.

Then we got the GP to test for B12, Folate, Vit D, Iron, Ferritin ( deficiencies are give symptoms of tiredness, so kind of easy to get the GP to agree) - looking at the actual result numbers and comparing to a functional medicine optimal range was helpful.

We looked at thyroid too- since long standing sub optimal thyroid replacement (or thyroid functioning can lead to hypertension (amongst other things) Again, using an optimal reference range, NOT the NHS 'everythings ok' range, and the thyroidUK network here on healthunlocked - there are some really experienced folk in there)

Then, homocysteine 'plan' - Patrick Holford Optimal Nutrition I found quite good - though we haven't done an updated homocysteine blood test... Medichecks does them, but so pricey.

Magnesium and CoQ10 are important I think. Carnitine seems quite good too.

Some of the drugs deplete folate which leads to high homocysteine, which leads to, guess what, heart disease problems.... honestly.

And, on top of that we looked at Dr Mark Houstons papers on supplements for hypertension, and put a load of those in (although, each was researched for bad side effects, or drug interactions), and also Dr Sinatra's protocol for Heart Failure (because the consultant said this was starting, and we also believe that some of his meds cause heart failure).

Here are Dr Mark Houstons things (well part I at least) healthunlocked.com/api/redi...

Here is Dr Sinatras stuff - I think it helps all muscles/organs, not just the heart, but maybe don't need the high doses in here in moderate cases. drsinatra.com/metabolic-car...

And now BP is a consistent 125/80 in the evening, and looking to reduce lacidipine and ramipril.... Not started. Since posting originally, we have done some thinking. Going to go really slowly, like one week per step, at 3/4 dose, 1/2 dose, 3/8 dose, 1/4 dose and 1/8 dose. The body adapts to the drugs, so need to go really slowly, so it can readapt to normal, and not being pushed in the wrong direction. I believe its dangerous to suddenly stop any drug. This explains it well ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

The ramipril (its an ACE Inhibitor) is in a capsule and is water soluble, so ought to be easy enough to split the dose like that, otherwise, would do alternate days, like one day 1/2 one day 1/4 in order to achieve overall 3/8 etc.

Have you seen a functional medicine practitioner? Was not intended to be such a long reply straight off... sorry... Would love to hear other experiences of weaning off hypertension drugs.

All the best, Helen


Hi how are you getting on with this


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