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Spiking systolic and IBS

Hello - I'm a worried newbie asking on behalf of my husband who is a fit, non smoking, calm man who walks briskly for about 30 to 40 minutes per day. We eat healthy food - no junk or processed and he drinks alcohol within health limits. His blood sodium level is low - he just had that news on Friday.

He has been having frightening (to me) spikes in his systolic BP - typically 185/85 - and these seem to be linked to IBS constipation for which he has medication. All medical monitoring has been single tests only and all but one have been normal (135/80 typically).

Has anyone heard of or had similar experiences and how was it dealt with? Any information would help to put my mind at rest.

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Thank you - that's what we did over a 2 month period and the spikes appeared occasionally whilst the IBS was bad. As you say, the overall average BP was probably not bad but I find the spikes concerning.


Firstly, I would get a home blood pressure monitor. When you say you tracked it over a two month period I'm not sure if you tracked it at home or just at doctors office. Personally, I would take the readings every day and monitor them. You can use an app like "blood pressure companion" which will easily help you track it and see any patterns. I see you say it is high only when he has an IBS episode, but an average reading of 135/80 is considered pre-high blood pressure and should be dealt with. My doctor told me once I was seeing a consistent pattern of 140/90 (either the systolic or diastolic) I should come see her. Although I could bring my bp down after relaxing for awhile, I had occasional spikes too and it eventually went higher on a consistent basis. The day I went to the office it was 185/104. Too high. She finally put me on a low dose of bp meds which solved the problem. Here is a chart if you don't have one that might be useful to you bloodpressureuk.org/BloodPr...

According to heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditio... a reading over 180/110 is problamatic, so I wouldn't just brush this off even if it only occurs once in awhile.

Long term use of certain medications can cause kidney disease. If your bp remains high, Just to rule out kidney disease, I would have some blood work done testing ACR (Albumin to Creatinine Ratio) and GFR (glomerular filtration rate) tested to make sure the medication has not affected his kidneys which in turn might be contributing to his high blood pressure spikes. Don't let them just give you a rating of over or under 60 ( they use 60 as a baseline for kidney disease and often general practioners overlook this number which can be early warning signs of CKD). I also am fit and work out regularly, and my numbers like many people were overlooked at the beginning. After I was diagnosed with CKD, my blood pressure which had always been low, spiked. I'm not on an extremely low dose of blood pressure med which is controlling it.

He is still at a really controllable level. Just make sure your doctor takes it seriously and that you monitor it. You might try natural therapies as well. Daily hibiscus tea and beet juice are both thought to help. I don't think there is reason to worry, but it is good to be proactive and watchful at this stage so nothing progresses.

Good thoughts being sent your way!


A really helpful reply - thank you. We have an Omron BP monitor and I monitored his BP for two months, noting the spikes. GP arranged monitoring at clinic but those visits didn't co-incide with spikes, so he was given the OK. The clinic is aware of the spikes but I think my husband needs to be much 'pushier' which is not his style - but it is mine and my husband thinks I'm fussing.

That is really useful information about kidney problems which may be linked to the low blood sodium and the use of a proton pump inhibitor, as well as the IBS.

It's good that you got your spikes and high BP under control. We do need to be our own health advocates, don't we?

Thank you for the good thoughts - I will filter all the advice forcefully through them!


You go girl! If it wasn't for wives, who knows where I husbands might be. Mine doesn't eat half the time if I'm not there to remind him and he's already quite thin!


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