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First time post.

Hi folks. My first visit, brought on by a touch of high BP last night. My heart disease started around 8 years ago with high and also low BP, then irregular heartbeat, and then atrial fibrillation. This year I was taken off BP meds earlier this year by the electrophysiologist to stop me passing out. Now I have the worry of stroke. I reckon I'll learn more about this trouble than I already know. Dave

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Hi Dave,

Welcome. I'm sorry to hear about your heart condition. So, I'm guessing the alternating high and low bread pressure led to some tests, but how did you finally determine you had heart disease? When you say you were passing out, was it because you were having too low of Bp?

I think I'm having the same issues. My bp was all over the place going from pretty high to normal in the matter of seconds then other times going from normal to low in the matter of seconds. I ended up going to the hospital when I had pains in my arm and chest, nausea, dizziness then a bp that went from 150/100 to 110/85 to 90/50 in the matter of minutes. They ran every test on my heart- ekg, blood work, ultrasound and said my heart looked great.

Since then my bp went up and I also have chronic kidney disease so my doctor put me on 10 mg of lisinopril which reduced it to an avg of 95/65, but I started dipping to 90/50 and getting dizzy so we reduced it to 5mg which worked for awhile but then dipped again so we are reducing to 2.5 mg, but I'm still feeling dizzy and it dropped again today. She told me to stop taking for a few days if this happens.

Since you've been off your meds, how is your bp? Are you on any other kind of meds for your heart? I'm assuming they have you on a low salt, low red meat diet?


I seem to run better on high BP very often 190/110 and when it's in the lower margins I tend to get sluggish and don't want to do anything. I was taken off BP meds earlier this year because I was passing out. At first it was thought to be epilepsy. My meds were increased and the other meds for BP were taken away. I have to continue with Bisoprolol (Where do they get these names?) for my heart rate. I had an ablation 3 years ago. With 3 stents fitted and still taking meds for angina I'm still passing out, so now I'm being tested for Neuropathy. At least there's no needles involved,it's small electric shocks. As for my diet, I've either cut down or stopped most things but asking to cut down my meat.....not a chance!! That's practically all I eat. I take meds for all sorts of things, heart, epilepsy, angina. 13 tablets in the morning and another 8 at night. It's a good job I don't have to pay for them. Not on any benefit etc. Anyway, better be off. Got thing's to do. Thanks for that reply, take care. Dave


Wow. Sounds like you've got a handful. Hope you get the fainting sorted out. Take care.


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