High bp

Feeling great, thought i would do my bp expecting it to be perfect and it was 155/99 what the hell causes that. Not stressed, no anxiety, relaxed and thats my bp

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  • Guess im slightly overweight

  • 5 ft i think and just under 11 stone

  • Im 5 ft 4

  • Then could well be a reason for your hbp. See what happens if you loose a stone or two as maybe will drop back to normal.

  • Same thing happened to me, was told i had anxiety but i didnt, then after a year, and this was a week ago, i was dx with a tumor on my adrenal gland. (Not saying you have that, its extremely rare as well.)

  • I am waiting to see an Endocronologist but not until the 26th May, I was referred on the 10th Feb!! I have been told that both my adrenal glands have given up due to long term use of steroids [ Prednisolone ] am taking 7 mgs at the moment.

    I am having a problem with my b/pressure, it's risen over several months so my Dr, has just upped my meds. I did read that with adrenal failure the b/pressure should be low ? I'm also getting anxious and sweaty. I do have some other health issues so it's hard to distinguish what's causing what .

  • Look up medical medium adrenal fatigue and read the whole thing

  • Trust me when i day this guy knows what hes talking about

  • Thank you for your link, however I have read most on adrenal fatigue, but unfortunately both my adrenals have given up, so I have what is called secondary Addison's disease, I will know more re treatment when I get to see the Endo so in the meantime I am to keep taking Prednisolone, the very same med that caused the disease !!

  • You havent read it properly then. Medical field are not up to scratch on everything. Read it again 😃

  • Adrenal fatigue presents itself with some of the same symptoms as secondary Addison's disease. I have had 2 adrenal blood tests, and was told I will have to take replacement therapy for the rest of my life, so I will see what the Endocronologist has to say.

    If I stopped my Prednisolone I can go into failure, which is fatal, especially as I have been taking Pred for 17 years. Long term use of Pred. can cause secondary Addison's disease.

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