Horrible internal Feelings

Doctors will tell you that you cant feel when your blood pressure is high, well I certainly can. Was freezing this morning, having major chills, didnt feel well, Chest Churning feelings, took my BP ( 154/94 ) didnt look at it until a few minutes ago. Had a hot bath for about half hour, now that Im feeling warm I took my BP again ( 111/73 ). Had a shock when I saw the first reading, so its prob shot up again. Cant bloody Win

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  • I had to laugh, no indeed - you can't B win.

    I don't know your age, but 154 isn't too bad - my consultant was happy to carry out a minor op on me as long as my top number was less than 150 and the bottom one less than 99 - but I'm elder,y and I don't know if he made any allowance for this.

    Usually after a nice hot bath my BP is up a bit.

    What medication are you taking? Some can make you feel the cold.

  • HI, I take bisoprolol, I always know when my bp is up. Mine is like a roller coaster up/down. up/down, sick of it. If I'm chatting to someone, up it shoots, if i sit quietly, tucked up warm, its low, cant win.

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