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Help with anxiety to reduce blood pressure

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Hi, I'm a 52 year old and just been diagnosed with hypertension. I've been put on Ramipril 1.25 mg. I also suffer with anxiety which doesn't help. This has been pretty much a life long thing. Can anyone suggest anything to help reduce my anxiety as I'm sure it will help my high bp as now I'm super anxious about my bp which was 175/110 at the last check

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Hi do not worry to much.  The top reading is a bit too high and the bottom reading is very high.  I have had 224/113 and then I was put on tablets.  The trouble is that when you do your own reading if it is high the first time, when you do it again you are so anxious that it goes high.  Do you have any pets?  Stroking a cat or dog is one of the best way to get your blood pressure down.

Hi gospurs,   that's what my reading is before having dental procedures.  That's how bad the anxiety can get.  Fortunately, being on medication as well as using deep slow belly breathing help bring it down and under control. 

I am on Ramipril  and Bisoprolol   my anxiety seems better on these, { I have tried so many b/pressure meds in the past }  my b/pressure is stable at the moment if a little low especially after taking my tablet    [ 103/48  ]  but it does get higher towards the day/ evening.   However whenever I go and have my b/pressure checked at the surgery mine shoots up,    it's  the white coat syndrome.

You say your blood pressure was 175/110  at the last check,  was that taken at home or at the surgery ?   perhaps your dose needs adjusting ?  or like  me it could be the white coat syndrome. 

Thank you all for your replies. My bp was taken at the doctor's. Yes I think I do have white coat syndrome, so I think it would be worth investing in a monitor. I do have pets, which are definitely great for helping to relax. I have only just started on Ramipril which I took after my bp was taken, so fingers crossed they will help. It's just all this anxiety that's not helping I think. Don't know where it comes from-it's just there! Will definitely try the deep breathing. It's really reassuring to hear that all of you are maintaining good bps on your meds. Thanks again

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johoho in reply to gospurs

Hi gospurs, are you able to identify what your anxiety about? I wonder if its worth trying to address the cause. Of course this isnt so easy if its anxiety about the BP!  Gentle exercise, decaf and lots of raw veg make me feel like im doing something positive.  I also try to take control of my anxiety by using mindfulness activities.  'Headspace' is a great app you can download for free, it will take you through a series of 10 min actvities you can do everyday.  I find them very relaxing.  Good luck x

Good Luck on your new med.  And yes, please try the slow deep breathing technique.  It is immensely helpful.   I'm just sorry I never realized the importance to it until more recently.  I feel more in control than ever before.  You must practice it everyday until your body learns to do it automatically whenever stressed, where ever you are.  Keep us updated on your blood pressure and how you are doing.   We care.  x

As you have just started on the Ramipril then you need to give it time, so good luck with that, and  It's worth investing in a home monitor.

let us know how you get on.

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Thyroidmeg in reply to bowler

How long does Rampril take? When I started it my no went down a good bit with 2.5 then I was changed to 5 and it was down again . Then it was increased to 10. At 10mg there was no change (from5mg) after 4 weeks. Got another check soon still at 10 mg Rampril a day

Thank you Agora1 and bowler, once again for replying. It really does help to know other people care. I will certainly let you know how I get on. Take care x

Hi Johoho,, thanks for your reply and tips. I cut out caffeine over a year ago and drink mainly hot water now. No real idea where the anxiety comes from. I feel anxious even when I'm not anxious- if that makes any sense?  Will definitely look into this app though. Thank you

i have been diagnosed the past year with high blood pressure i have been on 8 different pills which affected my kidneys badly to the point now my kidney function is so lw but my blood pressure is still very high anyone know he answer because the docs dont

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Celtic in reply to cammysmum

cammysmum, that could have been me writing your post - almost identical experiences. The only difference is that it sounds as though you have two kidneys whereas I have just one.

I've come to the conclusion that my kidney function is affecting my blood pressure and my blood pressure is affecting my kidney function. Just wish there was some miracle intervention for this Catch 22 situation.

Certainly, the description of some BP meds being protective of kidney function is not borne out in my experience - the opposite is in fact the case.

Meanwhile, I'm putting up with present side effects of the latest pill added to one of the originals!

Hi gospurs I can so relate to your post I also severe anxiety which was due to having mysterious pains which have now been sorted out my anxiety remains and I don't know what it's about its awful but the problem is it has because my blood pressure to go majorly high and spike quite often this is very worrying the doctors say my blood pressure is being caused by the anxiety and it has become a vicious cycle I am now taking 100 mg atenolol 5 mg of felodipine and 50 mg of losartan but it is still tending to spike and the Atenolol has made me very tired I get terrible global headaches and generally feel very rough doctors are not very helpful really I am at the end of my tether as well it's a vicious circle I can't take antidepressants because they also put my blood pressure feel in a bit of a mess really

exercise is the one option, it will bring your anxiety and BP down eventually.

I am going thru something similiar..i have spikes esp later on day..dr say due to anxiety..and i have high bd pressure..ihave been on olmesartan..which have awful side effects for is a vicious cycle..i am trying to approach this in wholistic to lose weight...exercise...and meditation and yoga for stress msnagement...i want off blood pressure meds..i think they make my anxiety fact they may have started it..but i cannot just get offf..i am also going to see a dr that specializes in hypertension...i understand what you are going thru

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Ylong66 in reply to Metil

Have you found a Dr that specialises in hypertension? I would certainly like to find one.

Hi Metil. I can only say that since I wrote that post over 3 tears ago, that I took myself off the Ramipril. The reason for this was because I bought a BP monitor and my BP was always normal. I concluded that I have 'white coat syndrome'. Indeed, when I had a 24 hour BP monitor a few months back, it was quite normal. The anxiety is still there for me on and off though. I wish you all the best. Could be worth you investing in a BP monitor yourself perhaps? My 21 yr old son is diabetic and when he goes for his check ups at the hospital, they check his BP and it is always high. Checked it at home and it's fine. I do wonder how many people out there are misdiagnosed with hypertension when it might be 'white coat syndrome'?

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