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Very Sad News

I am sorry to say that I lost my dear husband John last Wednesday. I am devastat...

Sunset yesterday evening (sunday )


This is Bruce

Hello Lungies this is Bruce and you can watch him grow!!

Hi, spicy Bev here...

I am writing to let you know that I had my results read to me today and I have s...

Stanley now has the post of the local binman ☺️


Back to teaching

Well I’ve (just about) survived the first two days of my phased return to primar...

Late inspiratory pulmonary crackles

Hi, i have this problem but my crackles clears after ~2 deep breaths and regener...

Happy birthday to this beautiful boy who has flourished with us as part of our family

Hes 12 today ... Best friend ever .... Totally adorable.... Mischief maker .... ...

Good morning sunshine


Just a few more 💜


Have just spent almost the entire night sitting in my computer chair, Bronciectasis sufferer

What is the answer to a good nights sleep?

Gone but never forgotten

Hi to all of Carolina’s(Hacienda) friends. My name is Carlene(Kayro). I’m Caroli...

Lung cancer

Hello my mum has been diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer and as anyone ca...

Such a wonderful forum, to be able to get true, scientific research facts when questions are raised

when you close your eyes to doubtful information. If members do not want to know...

Lung cancer

Hey everyone just a little message to say I’m so glad I found this chat forum us...

Advice to x shielders

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter. I am just writing to say that I find i...

The CEO of the company 🙈

I think it's working again 💜

Bluebell woods are flourishing


Feeling a bit useless

Hi , everbody . Felt a bit useless today , and somewhat embarased .. Im 55 yea...


Hi my name is sue, I have copd

Breathing test

Hi everyone well had my first adult breathing test today. Well very diferent fro...

GP thinks I am nuts....crackling lungs

Hey, I posted a little while ago. I am a 36 year old female with 20 year pack hi...

Bronchiestasis sufferer

Hi 🤗, as a Bronchiestasis sufferer on all usual medications, rescue pack antibi...

Sunset over my favourite place 💜


Lockdown has done you No Favours.

Had my first face to face with the Respirotory Nurse yesterday as previous chats...

Stanley getting ready for a dip


I have COPD and I feel like the doctor’s are not listening!

My names Catherine I’m 42 I was told about 2 1/2 years ago I have COPD /Emphysem...


Anyone using oramorph to help control shortness of breath. The doctors have sugg...

My new companion

He is 6yrs old and a chug, pug cross chihuahua . To keep me motivated

Happy Easter to you all 💜

Foals are arriving and racing around 💙💜
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The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs.

We offer hope, help and...

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