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What an idiot!!

I wish this week was over I have had enough! I have still got a sore b from Saturday and now ..............................

I should not have been shouting about how good I have been because like many when we feel good we forget our limitations. About an hour ago I tried to move a large parcel which is in my hall it is as big as I am and damn heavy but hey I can do it - except I couldn't. I ended up on the floor gasping for breath and coughing so hard I vomited and even more stupid I had not got my Ventolin in my pocket I really am that stupid!! The lucky thing is my phone was still on the charger in the hall I managed to get hold of it and rang my wonderful neighbour luckily I managed to catch her on her way out. She came around helped me up and managed to get me into my back room and sorted my nebuliser out for me, we had a wee arguement as she wanted to phone the doc but I didn't. Anyway I am sort of fine now a sore throat and aching chest but hey onwards and upwards again.

The point of this post besides wanting some sympathy ;) is do you all have someone on speed dial for instances like this especially those of you that live alone like I do? I know about the ICE number on the mobile but as I said what happens in the home?



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Oh, poor you. I would give you a hug, but I doubt my arms could reach that far... will Air Hugs do?

Oops, you have raised a point I've not thought about. I will have to give this some thought. Thanks for raising this matter. Living alone does have some drawbacks.

Hi Jandan glad you're on the mend. Love the way you describe yourself and you're not stupid just optimistic and like caroleoctober's poem in our minds we can still run!

What is the ICE number for mobiles please. I like alone also and only have the number of the emergency doctor should anything like your experience arise. Was also told recently that 999 is not the number for ambulances or police now but another three number starting also with 9. Anyone heard this?

ICE - In Case of Emergency

The emergency services know to look for an ICE number.

You put a number on your phone that is your choice of contact in an emergency, use the person's name, not Husband, Wife or whatever, so the emergency services know who they are talking to - like "ICE John" and have their number active against that - even if you already have John on your mobile. If you want to give more than one, use ICE1, ICE2 at the start of the entry.

999 is still an emergency number but there are some changes - 101 is for the Police in non-emergency case, and will cost you 15p per call. 111 is being brought in for non-urgent medical assistance, like NHS Direct has been.

Has anyone mentioned lately you,re brilliant you are!!! :D xxx

I second that sillywitch, so that makes that official !! :)

hi janet i have a care phone i wear a braelet with a button to press, goes to a call centre when i press the button .

My smoke alarm is also connected ,thank goodness because two weeks ago my kitchen was on fire and the call centre alerted me and sent fore the fire brigade

I don't have one myself, nor do I recommend any particular model. I'm passing this model on only as an illustration of what's out there. Have a look at - there are many others available. This particular listing also links to additional items that can be added on, like an external alarm, smoke detector and additional pendants. If you don't want to wear it, you could have one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen or whatever.

It's a gadget that connects to your existing phone line, it even comes with it's own two-way line splitter. Should you need it, pressing the button will automatically call for help. It will call up to 5 pre-set numbers.

Unlike monitored systems, you don't have to pay a service fee as it's your equipment calling your family and neighbours. ;)

Very many thanks Gordon. This is not the first time you have explained my worries away be it meds or my hesitation in asking my g.p.questions and I am grateful to you and to jandan of course for her post.

hi janet forgot to say my care phone was put in place by local authoriity and run by them and is free

So pleased you got through your ordeal Jandan, it has made me wonder about what I'd do if alone, hadn't heard of the ICE number. I am so luckly that I do have my husband around most of the time, but he still goes into work some days, 7-30 to 4-30, I always have my phone at hand. I noticed our surgery has started using the 111 out of hours number.

Look after yourself jandan and thank goodness for kind neighbours.

Lib x

Oh Janet what are we going to do with you? I hope the neb has done it,s job?

1 never lift any thing over 5lb, (thats what fit young men are for) open your door & whistle one :)

2 never loose your sense of humor, it,s vital for your sanity (& mine :D )

let us know how you are soon Karen xxxx


In the spirit of being different and being a nosey so-and-so, What was in the parcel! Love and good wishes from Bobby xxx

Huh, and we women are the ones labelled nosey - yes, Jan, what was in such a large parcel?

Hi Bobby

to add insult to injury the parcel contains a 4' flat pack cat cage which should have gone to Stoke on Trent for a cat charity I support and it was delivered in error to me as my name was on the invoice and I live in Stockport. I am now stuck with it until I can find a volunteer to move it but I WILL NOT be doing it


Best not mate, you are just a tad accident prone. lol Bob xx

Hi Janet, I must say that you are an inspiration to us all. Warning us not to take the bull by the horns so easily and if you do how to overcome the wrath of the bull. Good to hear that you are now settled down hopefully feet up.


Oh Janet, Janet ! What a bloomin' week? Now maybe the good news is that you have had your three run of bad luck and it will now start coming up roses, gawd knows you need it! My inhaler lives in my pocket like a wart together with my phone and touch wood, (and yes, I'm doing it) have never forgotten either; in fact constantly pat my pocket to check. Sympathy you can have in bucket loads :)

Sometimes stupid things happen that show up where the limits are when the spirits willing but the flesh is weak. Its not stupid trying its only stupid when dont learn by the mistakes we make along the way, I have never been this age before how am I supposed to know what is safe or wrong. Take things easier an accident waiting to happen is how it looks from the outside.

I was wondering what was in the parcel that was as big as you and damn heavy never would have guessed it was a 4ft flat pack cat cage, strange what some people keep in their halls.

Take care jandan and keep up the good charity work.

Lib x


Sending you sympathy and a hug, must have been very scary, I am glad you got some help and alerted us all to think about what we would do. I have new neighbors all around me, and my sons work too far away - so I will have to have a think about what I might do in a tricky situation. Hope your feeling better now :) xx

Lots of sympathy from me!


Sorry to hear about the fall, bet you'll ache tomorrow. Still being alone all day, it has made me think who I'd call or what I can do to help myself. Thank-you

Hi Mandan, thank goodness you are ok x

Sorry that should say jandan x

Not a good day for me too I caught the bus today and ended up where I started off don't even ask how I did that senior moment x

Hope you learn from this Jandon, We all carry a heavy load on our backs as it is so next time something heavy needs shifting, call for International Rescue.

Dont beat yourself up over it, we all think we can still do things that we used to do.

Tony xx

What a nice sensible neighbour you have

KOC they really are super they are a young couple who bought their house after seeing what I had done to mine (it is an old Edwardian semi) and from the day they moved in they have never been a bother. When they were doing alterations they put a note through the door to warn me there would be noise and when they had their baby I was the next person after their families that they let know. Yet I often go days without seeing them which is as it should be I am in my 60's they are in their 30's and we have our own lives but are there if needed. Everyone should be as lucky


Oh Jan,what are we going to do with you!! Do hope you are all in one piece still. thank God for good neighbours,they sound ideal ones.I got caught out,a couple of times, not having the puffer with me when needed,so now have them everywhere,& dont use them lol!

yes the ice nos. are an excellent idea,also that was interesting what gordon wrote up about( he's a walking google,that fellow!!)

Do take care,no more incidents please,at least for a while,lol!

Hugs wendells xxx PS You must have done a great job with your house,I hope you claimed some of the commision,from the agent lol!

> he's a walking google,that fellow!

Not quite sure how to take that... ;) Should I ring my GP ? :O

Ha Ha,it was a compliment Gordon!! xxxx

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