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So sad

I went into town today.bumped into a lady I've not seen for a few years.i talk to her on Facebook,but we haven't chatted about health issues.

She was diagnosed with copd,3 years ago.she has 3 nebulisers at home which she uses on a regular basis.the sad thing about it is she is only 49.and a heavy smoker.

I try not to preach when I hear things like that,but my god it is so hard.i just said that if she gave up the fags her quality of life would be far better than it is now.she sounded terrible with her breathing.she gave the excuse we all give when confronted about smoking,(I've got a lot of stress,and need the fags at the moment)

Has numerous other health issues,which may or may not be connected to her copd,and smoking..

I mentioned our discussions on here,told her to take a look,maybe join in if she felt it could help her,but I don't think she sad.

So glad I gave up the evil weed.i wish she would too.


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Giving up smoking was my only option I could not face the family as a smoker and tell them about my lung condition so had to stop on been told it was COPD not a smokers cough.

its so sad your right , I am the same I still smoke its not good with or with out emphysema .....

I'm 56 and have tried to give up twice...hopefully it'll be third time lucky! Although I quit for almost a month and my breathing didn't improve at all - can't figure that at all.


Longdays and Lucky19, It took me many attemps to finally give up I am 65, smoked since I was 16. Now I have been a non smoker for 3 months. I have not found it easy but gave up for my health (had no option really) You will give up when and if you are ready. Good luck

Eighteen months ago I was in hospital with cellulitis. My legs were huge and my bits were like an American football. My kids refused point black to take me down two floors for a fag. I said I would disown them but when they worked out how little they would lose they said forget it, you are staying here. They relented a bit next day and brought me in an E-cigarette. I have never had another proper cigarette since then. It's not quite as good as giving up completely but at least I am halfway there and I do feel better for it. Bob

What a price for drag Queens ?

Don't want to fall out, but It's not about improving your health, It's about stopping things getting worse.

If you carry on smoking, They say ? you can multiply the downhill journey by x3 times as fast, if not more ?

Stopping smoking is better than any medication, to control further damage etc.

It is the biggest step to keep you from falling further,

it is hard, but the fall is harder, faster and more expensive

cough cough :x

Thats right TJays they said that when I did pulmonary rehabilitation course and the risk of a heart attack is ten times higher than a non smokers, think they were making sure we did not go back for a cigarette ever again.


How right you are.i tried telling my friend that today,but,she will quit when and if she feels she can.hopefully sooner rather than later.

Bob.....I've heard the ecigs are not much better for you health wise,don't know how true that is.but,at least there are no poisons going into your body. need to stop the fags for longer my darling to feel any benefit to your health.

I can honestly say that although I've not smoked for 12 years,because of my condition I am breathless most days anyway.what the hell would I have been like if I were still puffing

Good luck to all of you for trying to quit.

Lots of love.


This lady is no age at all. Agree that it is so frustrating to talk to someone who isn't prepared to make the effort to give up smoking. We all know it can happen but the right frame of mind has to be there. Just hope that the very right moment will come soon for this lady.

Only stop when your ready and that is not soon enough for more thans good for us I knew that something was up before the doctor told me finding excuses for smoking that made me feel better when I had a cough.

Sad when its a friend and you cant do anything but know how it happens with the not listening, have to support friends not judge the things they do.

If people don't want to stop for their own health, stop for those nearest and dearest to them. Stopping wont improve their health but will certainly slow down considerably the speedy process to the grave and the upset and anguish it will cause to those around them.

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