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Bubbles to help lungs?

Good Morning Everybody

I hope everyone is feeling well today - the weather seems very spring like here in Liverpool.

There is an article today in the Daily Mail regarding the use of bubbles to help with medical conditions including respiratory. The link is below:



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Hi Jo,

Bubbles are indeed the next tool for medical science as well as science in general, it opens a whole lot of possibilities

Introduced into your kitchen sink tap water, bubble wrapped sound waves can blast away grease and dirt, as though you you are using high pressure steam jet.

There was a T.V. show called "the science of bubbles" It blew me away


It looks really interesting, I've heard of it but thought it was still in the clinical trial stage. Mnnmm think I'll go get an aero ;)


I'm forever blowing bubbles!


Agreed .... And If I See My Brothers Kids Blowing Green One's Again ... Going To After Screem


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